No Holds Barred NYT War on Trump

No Holds Barred NYT War on Trump

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

All-out editorial war on Trump by the Times (and other mass media) continues without letup.

While unlikely to prevail in judicial challenges against brazen election theft, he’s right to pursue this recourse.

With Election 2020 undecided, the Supreme Court perhaps to have final say, Biden is not president-elect.

Affording him that designation by the Times and other establishment media aims to elevate him to the nation’s highest office by fraud —delegitimizing Trump’s claim of a stolen election while litigation continues.

Days earlier, the Times lied. Defying reality, it accused Trump of falsely claiming Election 2020 was stolen.

It lied again, falsely claiming “not a shred of evidence” suggests election theft.

While the jury is out on whether the election’s outcome will be legitimate or the other way around, Trump is likely right saying:

“If you count the legal votes — (discarding the phony ones and adding what wasn’t counted for him in key swing states) — I easily win.”

Perhaps not easily but a majority of Electoral College votes he likely won puts him over the top for a second term.

He was right saying “they’re trying to steal an election. They’re trying to rig an election, and we can’t let that happen.”

The Times and other establishment media mocked the above remarks — disgracing themselves by turning a blind eye to what’s gone on.

In its latest edition, the Times claimed that Trump’s accusation of fraud “put him in unsavory company (sic).”

Saying he’s operating like foreign “dictators, tyrants and potentates” belies his legitimate right to want a full and accurate vote count in battleground states.

Claiming he “participated in a free and fair democratic election” is polar opposite what happened.

There’s nothing legitimate about orchestrated election theft.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about America’s fantasy version from inception.

US voters have no say over how the nation is run or by whom.

Dark forces and party power brokers alone control things.

The illusion of a democratic process exists, never the real thing throughout US history.

Separately, the Times called Trump’s legitimate challenge to election theft a “tantrum.”

“He is acting like a child throwing a tantrum because he is being displaced from his comfort and power (sic).”

Although unlikely to prevail against what’s stacked against him, he’s legitimately challenging election corruption that’s deep-seated and begging for change.

US establishment media are just as unscrupulous and dishonest — a collective lying machine on domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most.

The Times falsely accused Trump of doing “everything in his power to undermine the legitimacy of this election (sic).”

Illegitimate US elections occurred since the republic’s early days — at the federal, state and local levels.

Trump isn’t the first high-level US official to cry foul, nor will he be the last.

Another same-day Times piece accused him of “vandalizing our country (sic).”

Calling him a “sore loser” ignores that millions of Americans believe Election 2020 for president was rigged against him.

Saying there’s “no realistic chance for recounts to shift enough votes for Trump to win a second term” perhaps is true.

But it’ll only be so if recounts perpetuate fraud instead of exposing and reversing it.

Many earlier US elections were stolen, losers fraudulently declared winners, fake results not reversed.

Election 2020 will likely turn out the same way.

Candidates US dark forces want installed in high office is how US elections virtually always turn out.

Election 2020 is highly likely to continue the longstanding undemocratic trend.

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