Supporting Election Fraud, Suppressing Truths – a NYT Specialty

Supporting Election Fraud, Suppressing Truths — a NYT Specialty

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The corporate owned and controlled NYT is a lying machine, a propaganda machine — contemptuous of truth-telling journalism.

On domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, it’s a mouthpiece for wealth, power, and privileged interests.

Falsely claiming it features “all the news that’s fit to print,” is part of its mass deception policy.

Editors, columnists, and correspondents either go along or are sacked and replaced.

The gray lady is more shady, shameful, servile to dark forces running the US, and scurrilous than straightforward and  scrupulous.

In response to DHS fake news about the “most secure” US election in history this November, the Times featured the Big Lie as its lead front page story.

“(N)o evidence” of election fraud, it roared — ignoring growing confirmation of it occurring in key swing states, including by whistleblowers with direct knowledge of shenanigans too serious to ignore.

Saying “the vote came off smoothly, no reports of systemic fraud in any state, no sign of foreign interference in the voting infrastructure and no hardware or software failures beyond the episodic glitches that happen in any election” is a bald-faced Big Lie — a longstanding Times specialty.

Saying “(m)any of the charges of fraud, illegal voting and software troubles have come from Mr. Trump and his sons” ignored independent sources, whistleblowers, and 10 GOP attorney generals.

The AGs challenged the illegality of counting late mail-in ballots in Pennsylvania, ignoring state laws banning the practice.

Separately, the Times turned truth on its head by claiming no evidence of election fraud exists — just “a grab bag of complaints by Republican poll watchers (sic).”

On orders from management, Times reporting is going all-out to whitewash hard evidence of systematic fraud in key swing states.

The Times called legitimate evidence of election fraud “vandalizing our country.”

Ignoring brazen fraud for Biden, the broadsheet anointed him president-elect, adding:

He “won enough states by enough votes that Mr. Trump cannot overcome those deficits through legal challenges or recounts.”

Indeed not if fraud triumphs over a free, fair, and open process — how things look at this time.

The state of the nation keeps sinking to new depths — brazen election fraud one of many examples.

Wall Street-installed Fed chairman Powell admitted that things aren’t going back to an economy the way it used to be.

What has earmarks of the Greatest Depression will likely be longterm and devastating to ordinary Americans and small businesses.

I was involved in a small family business for over 30 years from the late 1960’s through 1999.

If still operating early this year, we’d have been out of business permanently because of economic collapse.

Unemployment is the new normal for tens of millions of working-age Americans — underemployment earning poverty wages for most others.

The United States of opportunity I grew up in is gone, perhaps never to return.

Will Biden/Harris improve the dismal status quo if succeed Trump in January?

Chances are that they’ll make things worse politically, economically, and by more greatly eroding fast disappearing freedoms.

Against long odds, if Trump remains in office for another term, things will be just as dismal.

Relief for ordinary Americans during the hardest of hard times is nowhere in sight no matter which wing of the one-party state runs things.

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