Trump to End Tenure with a Bang, Not a Whimper?

Trump to End Tenure with a Bang, Not a Whimper

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

As long as he’s around in public or private life, Trump is unlikely to go quietly into that good night.

While the jury is out on whether significant evidence of election fraud in key swing states will turn defeat into a second term of office, chances of the latter are slim if deep state dark forces decided otherwise.

Whatever happens ahead, over two months remain before inauguration day on January 20.

Much can happen between now and then.

From November 7 through Thursday, Trump regime envoy for regime change in Iran and Venezuela/convicted felon Elliott Abrams is visiting Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE “for consultations on Iran,” according to the State Department.

Over the weekend, Axios reported that he’s discussing “a plan to slap a long string of new sanctions on Iran” from now through January 20 inauguration day.

On Sunday, he met with Netanyahu and Israeli national security advisor Meir Ben-Shabbat on the scheme.

The following day, he discussed it Israeli war minister Benny Gantz and foreign minister Gabi Asjeknazi — both figures former IDF chiefs.

Pompeo, Abrams and other Trump regime hardliners apparently believe that “flood(ing)” more sanctions on Iran will prevent Biden/Harris from returning to the JCPOA.

Years of sanctions on Iran achieved nothing but hardships for its people.

Because of likely unacceptable Biden/Harris demands for returning to the JCPOA by the US that relate to weakening Iran militarily, chances of reversing Trump’s pullout are greatly compromised already.

Last week, Abrams reportedly said that the Trump regime intends new sanctions on Iran weekly through January 20, according to Axios, adding:

They’ll target Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program, its nonexistent aid to “terrorist organizations,” and phony accusations of human rights violations.

Next week, Pompeo will be in Israel and likely other regional countries, following up on Abrams’ visits — to pile on further (failed) “maximum pressure” on Iran.

If Biden/Harris succeed Trump in January as expected, US policy toward Iran will remain hardline as it has for decades.

Chances of returning to the JCPOA in its current form are slim.

Illegal US sanctions will likely remain in place unchanged.

As long as the Islamic Republic remains independent of US control and Israel wants the country checked, whoever serves as US president — and in key congressional posts — will remain hostile toward Iran.

Pompeo, Abrams, and other Trump regime hardliners may succeed in making it too hard for Biden/Harris to rejoin the JCPOA.

As explained many times before, Iran abhors nuclear weapons, wants them eliminated everywhere, and has no intention of developing them.

No evidence refutes what’s well-known in Washington and throughout the West.

The issue with Iran for the US is wanting control over its vast oil and gas reserves, along with neutralizing Israel’s main regional rival.

Decades of US hostility toward Iran has nothing to do with any threats posed by its ruling authorities because none exist.

Claims otherwise are baseless propaganda — no doubt to continue if Biden/Harris succeed Trump in January.

Since its 1979 revolution, Iran withstood every hostile action committed by the US against the country and its people.

It continues being a force of resistance against US imperial lawlessness in the region that’s weakening over time, not strengthening.

Iran has been around for centuries. It’ll still be around when imperial USA enters history’s dustbin— where it rightly belongs.

A Final Comment

On Monday, the Trump regime imposed more illegal sanctions on Syria.

As on Iran and other targeted countries, they aim to inflict hardships on their people — based on Big Lies.

A statement by Trump’s Treasury Department Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) falsely claimed new sanctions on Damascus aim “to achieve a peaceful, political resolution of the Syrian conflict (sic).”

Endless war in the country was made in the USA by the Obama/Biden regime.

It’ll no doubt continue under Biden/Harris.

Both right wings of the US war party reject world peace in favor of smashing countries to control them by hot and other means.

That’s what the scourge of US imperial rage is all about.

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