The NYT Mocks Legitimate Evidence of Brazen US Election 2020 Fraud

The NYT Mocks Legitimate Evidence of Brazen Election 2020 Fraud

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Results of Election 2020 were fraudulently manipulated for Biden/Harris over Trump.

They lost. He won. It won’t likely turn out this way — the Times and other establishment media on board for denying Trump his election triumph.

The Times is in an uproar over Thursday’s news conference by members of the Trump campaign’s legal team.

Turning reality on its head, it falsely accused Rudy Giuliani of “misleading statements (sic), wild conspiracy theories (sic), and outright fabrications (sic)…”

In judicial proceedings ahead, Trump’s legal team will likely debunk the above Big Lies.

The Times mocked hard evidence of brazen fraud — as it’s done repeatedly since Election Day 2020.

It mocked massive vote-flipping for Biden/Harris by Dominion Voting Systems, its algorithm stealing the election with electronic ease.

Times editors lied, claiming “(v)oters gave Biden the highest margin of victory in a two-person race against a sitting president since Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932.”

Saying the challenger defeated the incumbent and calling Biden “president-elect” are bald-faced Big Lies.

The same goes for maintaining the myth of US “democracy” — what it’s never been from inception.

Times editors expressed concern that election fraud accusations will “undermine the democratic legitimacy of the Biden (regime).”

The notion of “democracy in America” was undermined from inception.

As for Biden/Harris’ legitimacy, none whatever exists.

Election-rigging decided November 3 results. To their shame, the Times and other establishment media claim otherwise.

Separately, a Times piece by its disreputable national security correspondent David Sanger piled on more Big Lies.

He falsely accused Trump of the most “unprecedented (attempt) in American history…to overturn” an election result.

Accusing him of “an attempted power grab” applies to dark forces involved in the Great Election 2020 Robbery.

The Times quoted Biden’s Big Lie, saying: “I’m confident he knows he hasn’t won…”

Because of his early-stage dementia and growing physical frailty, it’s unclear how Biden’s diminished-capacity mind works.

He’s putty in the hands of dark forces manipulating him. 

He never should have been chosen as Dem standard bearer. 

He’s likely more unfit mentally and physically as an aspirant for the nation’s highest office than any other challenger in US history.

Instead of setting the record straight, the Times and other establishment media suppressed what Americans have a right to know.

Election 2020 was illegitimate by systemic fraud.

It’s so widespread and deep-seated that the full extent of it won’t likely ever be known. 

It’s like a metastasized cancer throughout its host, controlling it.

The most fair and equitable solution would be rejecting Election 2020 for president and rerunning it, independent monitors controlling the process.

As things now stand, losers Biden/Harris will likely succeed Trump in January — election fraud triumphing over a free, fair and open process.

A Final Comment

Things wouldn’t turn out this way if major media featured journalism the way it’s supposed to be.

Fourth estate unanimity for election fraud over how a legitimate process works made Grand Theft 2020 possible.

Below is a sample of their headlined deception:

WaPo: “Trump uses power of presidency to try to overturn the election and stay in office (sic)”

WSJ: “Trump Broadens His Efforts to Overturn Election Outcome (sic)”

AP News: “Trump, allies make frantic steps to overturn Biden victory (sic)”

Reuters: “Trump to host Michigan lawmakers as he presses dubious effort to overturn election (sic)”

Fox News: “Romney rips Trump in late-night tweet, calls president’s actions effort to ‘subvert’ will of people (sic)”

CNN: “Don’t ignore Trump’s election mischief. Take it seriously (sic)”

National Pentagon Radio (NPR): “Despite More Than 2 Dozen Legal Losses, Trump’s Lawyers Press On With Election Fights”

Los Angeles Times: “Trump amps up effort to hold on to power as tension escalates”

ABC News: “Trump to meet with GOP state lawmakers in effort to override election loss (sic)”

CBS News: “Biden’s (fraudulent) win in Georgia reaffirmed after (fraudulent) recount”

NBC News: “Trump invites Michigan GOP lawmakers to White House after calling officials in key county”

The BBC: “US election 2020: Biden wins Georgia recount as Trump setbacks mount”

Al Jazeera: “Trump’s goal is not to overturn the election – it is to undermine the Biden (regime).”

Major media reporting on Trump v. Biden/Harris strongly support election fraud over a free, fair and open process across the board.

It’s one of many examples of America’s dismal state — surely to worsen ahead no matter which right wing of duopoly rule runs things.

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