Suppressing US Election Fraud, Mocking Its Legitimate Challenge

Suppressing US Election Fraud, Mocking Its Legitimate Challenge

by Stephen Lendman 

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The self-styled newspaper of record NYT finds new ways to disgrace itself.

Brazen US Election 2020 fraud made Trump v. Biden/Harris results illegitimate.

Yellow journalism mass deception over news fit to print is standard operating procedure at the Times.

Supporting election fraud over an open, free and fair process defies the rule of law.

It reflects press agent reporting over the real thing at the same time.

In its latest edition, the Times accused Trump and Republicans of trying to “disrupt” and “undermine” certification of Election 2020.

Following a similar pattern since November 3, its editors, correspondents and columnists continue ignoring significant election irregularities that rendered results illegitimate. 

Claiming no Trump campaign lawsuit that could change election results “is likely to make it to the Supreme Court” is both arrogant and unknown until the High Court decides up or down on this issue.

While chances for reversing election fraud in key swing states are slim, Trump v. Biden/Harris results are undecided at this time.

In daily editions, the Times and other establishment media maintain the fiction of a legitimate process now over, case closed. 

Separately in a pathetic piece, matching some of the worst rubbish in its editions, two Times Trump-hating supporters of election fraud vied to see who could hurl more stinging insults at members of his legal team and DJT.

One mocked what she called Rudy Giuliani’s “melting hairline.”

The other countered by saying “the wicked witch of the West melt(ed) under a bucket of flop sweat.”

This and similar rubbish is what the Times considers “journalism.”

Fake “journalist” No. 2 added that last Thursday’s press conference by lawyers representing Trump showed their “comic incompetence (and) inner corruption.”

No. 1 fears that Trump may “convince a large part of the nation to ignore the real election results (sic) and keep him in power.”

No. 2 accused him of “bamboozling his base.”

No. 1 went along with the claim.

No. 2 accused Trump of being “congenitally, psychologically, morally, intellectually incapable of…ever conced(ing).”

Ignored was why should an election winner concede to a loser — accepting fraud instead of challenging it.

Wrong and harmful to most people everywhere nearly always, Trump is right on this issue.

He won reelection. Biden/Harris lost. Fighting the good fight is the only way to go.

Yellow journalists demand surrender.

The above back and forth routine with much more that followed by two of the worst at the Times read like something straight from the Three Stooges’ playbook — two Times stooges mimicking them.

At least for children, slapstick by Moe, Larry, Curley, and others (only 3 at a time) was funny enough for their act to last half a century in vaudeville and on the silver screen.

The insulting Times duo comedy routine fell flat — a further embarrassment for an already disgraced broadsheet many ‘times’ over — pun intended.

A Final Comment

In its latest edition, Times editors performed their own comedy routine with lines like:

“Democracy (sic) is hard work.”

“That work paid off (sic).”

Election 2020 “was not simply free of fraud (sic)…(i)t was…a resounding success (sic).”

“Americans enjoyed one of the most secure, most accurate and most well-run elections ever (sic).”

Reality is worlds apart from the above mass deception and much more like it in Times editions.

Repeating what I said earlier, can anyone trust anything in its editions on major issues ever again?

The Times is a lying machine, a suppressor of hard truths on vital issues.

Instead of journalism the way it’s supposed to be, mass deception litters its pages.

The same goes for other corporate-owned and controlled conventional and social mass media.

Supporting the great US election 2020 robbery is one of many examples of their public betrayal.

Whenever US elections are held, monied interests decide winners and losers — establishment media their press agents.

Voters have no say whatever — why going to the polls or submitting absentee ballots is a waste of time, achieving nothing.

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