Hostile to Truth-Telling WSJ Editors Tried Reinventing Iran

Hostile to Truth-Telling WSJ Editors Tried Reinventing Iran

by Stephen Lendman

Journal editors never met a sovereign independent nation — free from US imperial control — it wan’t want smashed.

In late November, they published an editorial only war-mongering/hate-mongering Anglo-Zionists could love.

Headlined “Biden, Iran and the Bomb,” Iranophobic rubbish and mass deception followed.

Falsely claiming the near-universally endorsed/landmark JCPOA nuclear deal is “deeply flawed” — a bald-faced Big Lie —they urged Biden/Harris to continue unacceptable/illegal Trump regime policies toward Iran.

Defying reality, they falsely called Iran’s legitimate nuclear program with no military component “a global security problem (sic).”

Ignoring nuclear armed and dangerous Israel, the hostile to Middle East peace and stability presence of US forces, and support by regional despots for Washington’s hegemonic agenda, Journal editors lied — calling nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran a “rogue” state.

They expressed support for Trump regime sanctions war and other maximum pressure — succeeding only in causing economic harm and creating hardships for ordinary Iranians, achieving no strategic goals.

Claiming Iran’s legitimate right to enrich uranium beyond 3.67% purity — but well below 90% required for development and production of nuclear weapons reveals “major (JCPOA) flaws” turned truth on its head.

More Big Lies followed, saying:

“The original nuclear deal makes it easy for Iran to break out as its provisions sunset over the next decade (sic).”

Why would Iran go where it’s never gone before for over the past 40 years?

What purpose would it serve its legitimate commercial, industrial, and R & D nuclear programs? None at all!

The Journal: In its original form, the JCPOA “provided cash for Iran to expand its regional influence and terrorism (sic).”

State terrorism is official US, NATO, Israeli policy, not how Iran operates — a good neighbor, not a belligerent one like US-led Western countries and apartheid Israel.

The Journal: “To abandon sanctions again in return for…Iranian promises (to be fulfilled, not broken like Washington operates) would be diplomatic and strategic malpractice (sic).” 

“At a minimum the Biden team can use the sanctions as leverage to close the loopholes in the 2015 accord” — that don’t exist in forms suggested by Western media and Israel.

Journal editors want Iran stripped of its legitimate right of self-defense.

Ignoring US, NATO, Israeli imperial lawlessness, the Journal falsely claimed that Iran has imperial aims. Not a shred of evidence suggests it.

Claiming Iran “continues to (seek) regional domination (sic) rather than (operating as) a normal country (sic)” applies to belligerent US-dominated NATO and Israel, not the Islamic Republic — fostering cooperative relations with other nations, wanting confrontation with none.

In response to the disgraceful Journal editorial, Iran’s spokesman for its UN mission Alireza Miryousefi justifiably responded sharply.

Calling Journal rubbish “shameful in its inhumanity,” Miryousefi said suggesting that Israel’s assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizdeh was justifiable mocked widespread outrage over what happened, what no just society would tolerate, adding:

“The unjustifiable support for a brutal assassination of a prominent scientist does nothing more than encourage a few criminals, such as the Israeli regime and its allies, to commit more assassinations.” 

“The assassination of an official of a UN member state in its territory is a dangerous game, opening a Pandora’s box; one whose consequences only reckless, apocalyptic people would ignore.” 

“Undoubtedly, the Israeli regime’s involvement in this criminal act is designed to further disrupt the turbulent situation in the region and destroy the path for diplomacy.”

“Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was an eminent scientist and national hero for all Iranians.” 

“His last service to the country was the production of a coronavirus diagnostic kit, as well as the management of a project to produce an Iranian Covid vaccine—one that had reached the human-testing stage.”

“Assassinating him will do nothing to Iran’s completely peaceful nuclear program, as the assassinations of our nuclear scientists in the past few years have not affected the advancement in our peaceful nuclear activities.”

Iran bashing by Journal editors showed their support for Washington’s hostile to peace imperial agenda.

It wasn’t the first time they disgraced themselves by featuring a litany of bald-faced Big Lies over truth-telling commentary.

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