Trump Right About Rigged Election 2020

Trump Right About Rigged Election 2020

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Rigged Election 2020 wasn’t the first time it happened in America.

Throughout US history, it occurred time and again at the federal, state and local levels.

“Democracy” by duopoly rule eliminates competition from independent candidates, debauching the process, assuring democracy the way it should be doesn’t exist.

Most often, Republicans and Dems take turns governing.

Despite fulfilling the US privileged class’ wish list at least in most respects — notably by enriching the top 1% more greatly than ever before in a four-year period — it wasn’t good enough.

Pre-election, Trump was targeted for defeat, things pre-arranged, Biden/Harris chosen to replace him in January.

In comparison to past US rigged elections, 2020 grand theft may have been most brazen of all — a conspiracy involving undemocratic Dems, major media across the board, and a few renegade Republicans.

Their aim to replace Trump with Biden/Harris was made possible with electronic ease, vote-flipping, ballot-stuffing, and other shenanigans.

Indisputable, breathtaking, scandalous, and loathsome are a few among countless other adjectives of disgust to describe what happened.

The election came at a time when Pew Research (PR) found that most Americans “feel anger (and) fear (about) state of nation.”

“Few feel proud,” based on survey results reported on June 30.

PR found that 87% of Americans are dissatisfied with “how things are going,” 71% angry “about the state of the country,” 66% fearful.

Only 36% of respondents called Trump great or good, 42% calling him poor or terrible.

Joe Biden fared worse, only 28% calling him great or good, 43% calling him poor or terrible.

Both aspirants for the nation’s highest office were far from the people’s choice, based on the above data.

Yet voting-age Americans were virtually given no choice other than between column A or column B of duopoly rule. 

PR also found that 89% of Trump voters were “very concerned about the country’s direction, and (that) Biden’s election would lead to lasting harm to the US.”

A similar overwhelming majority of Biden voters (90%) expressed the same view about a second Trump term.

PR also found that 43% of Republicans expressed concern about mail-in ballot fraud compared to 11% of Dems.

In a 46-minute Wednesday evening address on Election 2020 results, Trump delivered his most detailed denunciation of a “rigged” process, a “coordinated assault and siege” to install Biden/Harris in January.

His hyperbole aside, significant evidence, including from whistleblowers, showed brazen fraud in key swing states — manipulating results to select Biden/Harris over the incumbent.

Paul Craig Roberts cited mathematician Shiva Ayyadurai, explaining that Dominion voting machines in Arizona “weight(ed)” votes instead of tabulating them accurately.

He maintains that for each one cast electronically in the state at polls, Biden got 1.3 votes, Trump only 0.7 votes.

If Dominion Voting Systems rigged things this way in Arizona, it surely manipulated the process similarly in other key swing states where its voting machines are used.

At least 28 US states use its electronic voting machines, including Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — key swing states.

In 2016, Trump won them all except Nevada.

In 2020, he lost them all, based on dubious official tallies.

According to cyber security expert Stephen Spoonamore, electronic voting machines are inherently flawed.

“(D)esigned (to) steal elections,” they enable losers to be winners, and not just for president.

“There is no electronic system in the world that cannot be hacked” or manipulated, he explained. 

“You cannot have secure electronic voting. It doesn’t exist.” 

“Paper ballots are the only way to make voting secure.”

Calling himself a “life-long Republican,” he added that on the issue of accurately tabulating election votes, he’s nonpartisan.

Earlier he explained that “(t)here  is a very strong argument” that US 2000 and 2004 elections were “electronically stolen” for Bush/Cheney over Gore.

“(H)anging chads were just a distraction.”

More recently he said:

“If you don’t want people to vote, and if you don’t want people’s vote to count, you want to rule without owning it by a mandate, then you” want voting by electronic machines.

During his Wednesday night address, evidence showed Trump correct, saying there was “an orchestrated effort to anoint a winner” while votes were being counted.

Eleventh hour vote dumps for Biden/Harris, GOP observers denied close access to counting procedures, unverified and back-dated late-arriving ballots for the challengers, and many other dubious practices manipulated things to assure Election 2020 winner Trump lost to losers Biden/Harris.

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