Trump Regime Big Lies About Iran Never Quit

Trump Regime Big Lies About Iran Never Quit

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Trump reportedly told Pompeo and Abrams to go wild on Iran during his remaining time in office — short of starting WW III.

His regime is imposing illegal sanctions regularly on Iran through January 20 inauguration day — based on Big Lies.

On Thursday, Iranophobe Pompeo — the most disgraced figure ever disserving as secretary of state in US history — falsely accused Iran of “involvement in a chemical weapons program (sic).”

Knowing none exists — in stark contrast to US use of chemical, biological, radiological, and other banned weapons in all its wars against invented enemies — Pompeo announced new illegal Trump regime sanctions on Iran.

The country’s Meisami Group and its director Mehran Babri were targeted — based on fabricated claims of involvement with “proliferat(ing) of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) or WMD delivery systems, and their supporters (sic).”

Treasury Secretary Mnuchin added his own Big Lies, saying:

“Iran’s development of weapons of mass destruction is a threat to the security of its neighbors and the world (sic),” adding:

The Trump regime will continue to target Iran — for invented reasons. No legitimate ones exist.

The above accusations apply to the US, NATO, and Israel, clearly not to Iran.

Not a shred of evidence suggests Iranian efforts to develop and produce nuclear, chemical or other banned weapons. 

Indisputable evidence showed longstanding US use of banned terror weapons at home and abroad.

The US and its imperial partners repeatedly shift blame for their own high crimes onto law-abiding countries, their officials, and entities.

Malign activities reflect how imperial regimes like the US operate, not countries they target.

No secret Iranian chemical or other banned weapons program exists. No evidence suggests it.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif earlier slammed phony US claims about Islamic Republic “toxic arms,” adding via Twitter:

“US wants to resort to int’l conventions to make allegations against Iran when it’s made a policy of violating them itself.” 

“WMD allegations—by a country that supported Iraq’s use of CW against Iran; then invaded Iraq to allegedly rid it of them—is not just obscene, it’s dangerous.”

During the 1980s Iraq’s war on Iran, Washington supplied Saddam Hussein with toxic biological and chemical agents.

In 1994, Congress learned that US chemical and biological agents were covertly sent, including anthrax strains and nerve gas precursors — to prevent Iraq from losing to Iran. 

In 1992, right-wing NYT columnist William Safire said the following:

“Iraqgate is uniquely horrendous: a scandal about the systematic abuse of power by…the US, Britain and Italy to secretly finance the arms buildup of a dictator” — Saddam Hussein, before eliminating him during US 2003 aggression, along with raping, destroying, and occupying Iraq.

During eight bloody years of US-supported Iraq war on Iran, at least 500,000 were killed, up to another 1.5 million wounded.

Tens of thousands were killed or grievously harmed by Iraqi chemical and biological weapons the US helped Saddam produce.

Washington used Iraqi forces as proxies to wage war on Iran.

US war on the Islamic Republic by hot and other means has been ongoing for over 40 years.

It’s for its sovereign independence unrelated to an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist.

It’s also about wanting Israel’s main regional rival neutralized, along with the US wanting control over Iran’s vast hydrocarbon resources.

It’s virtually certain that the incoming Biden/Harris regime will continue how its predecessors operated against Iran.

All nations free from US control are targeted by its ruling authorities for regime change. 

Notably they include oil-rich ones like Iran, along with others able to effectively challenge US hegemonic aims.

That’s why China and Russia are Washington’s top two public enemies even though both countries threaten no others.

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