Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela, NATO 2030 and Other Issues

Russian Foreign Ministry on Syria, Venezuela, NATO 2030 and Other Issues

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

US aggression in Syria continues with no prospect for ending it any time soon.

The Obama/Biden and Trump regimes’ rape and destruction of the country will long be remembered as one of history’s great crimes.

The same goes for all US imperial wars on invented enemies throughout its history.

Republicans and Dems are hellbent for smashing all countries unwilling to subordinate their sovereign rights to US interests endlessly, along with wanting their people immerated.

The scourge of US-supported ISIS and al-Nusra remains in Syria and elsewhere — Pentagon proxy fighters in parts of the world where they’re deployed.

Syrian concentration is mainly in Idlib province, but they show up at times almost anywhere.

In the last few days, Russian warplanes carried out over 100 airstrikes against where they’re located in central Syria alone.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) reported efforts by its forces to stabilize parts of terrorist-infested Idlib province, adding:

Conditions in most of the province remain “tense.” 

In late November, Russian warplanes struck “terrorist strongholds in response to provocations by the militants operating there.”

“ISIS militants are staging more frequent attacks in eastern Syria.” 

“Syrian government forces clashed with terrorist gangs in the Homs Governorate on November 25, and on the border of the Raqqa, Homs and Hama governorates on November 28.”

In February, US aggression will enter its 10th year.

During a UN General Assembly session on 75 years after WW II ended, MZ slammed the EU for falsely claiming that “Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union were equally responsible for unleashing the Second World War (sic).” 

An EU re-interpreter of history defied reality by saying that victory in Europe “did not bring freedom to” many of its member states.

“(I)nstead, it served as the beginning of a new occupation, the continent’s painful division into two parts, and crimes against humanity.”

They’re a US-dominated NATO specialty, not how Russia operates.

MZ added that US-colonized Ukraine’s UN envoy made “blasphemous and insulting” claims about Soviet forces during the war.

Nazi troops raped the country. Soviet Russian forces liberated it.

Attempts to rewrite history fail the smell test. 

On Sunday, Venezuelan General Assembly elections will be held.

Ruling PSUV Vice President Diosdado Cabello said “we’ve practically been at war for five years” with divided government, adding:

“But on December 6 (it’s) our turn, and we’re going for a home run.”

During a Tuesday television address, President Nicolas Maduro said the following:

“If the opposition wins again I will leave the presidency…I won’t stay here any longer. I leave my destiny in Venezuela’s hands.”

On Thursday, he called for dialogue with opposition elements, suggesting an eventual “co-government.”

Observers from 17 countries and multilateral bodies will monitor Sunday’s process — including representatives from CARICOM, the African Union, and The Council of Latin American Electoral Experts (CEELA).

Brussels rejected Venezuela’s invitation to send monitors — likely on orders from Washington.

If Bolivarian social democracy triumphs over elements wanting it eliminated, MZ incorrectly said it would “resolv(e) the current controversy in Venezuelan society.”

Far from it! 

As long as Venezuela is independent of US control, its war on the country by other means will continue unabated.

Bolivarian social democracy is the real thing. 

On Sunday, 14,000 candidates from 107 parties — many with anti-Bolivarian candidates — will compete for 277 National Assembly seats.

MZ correctly said elements “trying to disrupt the legitimate electoral process are interested in prolonging instability and…the failed…Guaido project.”

Overwhelmingly reviled by Venezuelans, his national popularity plunged to a rock-bottom 3%.

It’s why he’s boycotting the election, his name not on the ballot because he has virtually no chance of another term in office.

He’s washed up politically, the stench of his presence to linger for some time.

Russian observers are in Venezuela to monitor the process on Sunday.

MZ: “(T)hey will produce objective assessments of the course and results of the voting based on their observations.”

Addressing the issue of Russian political prisoners in the US, MZ expressed concern for their safety.

She called Konstantin Yaroshenko an “eloquent example” of US imperial injustice.

On orders from the Obama/Biden regime, he was arrested in Liberia on phony charges a decade ago.

Tortured and otherwise mistreated, US authorities denied him “the most basic medical assistance until the Russian Embassy in Washington made several repeated requests.”

“Most of (its) requests for major examinations or complex medical procedures are still unanswered.”

“Russian citizen Roman Seleznev” was mistreated the same way, denying him vitally needed medical treatment.

Other Russian political prisoners are harmed in similar fashion.

Outreach by Moscow on their behalf is largely ignored.

A report titled NATO 2030 released Tuesday falsely calls nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Russia the alliance’s main threat (sic).

MZ called rubbish in it “far from new,” adding:

“Russia will most likely remain the main (invented) military threat” to the US and its NATO imperial partners.

Maps and other information about Pentagon bases show “who is encircling whom.”

The fabricated report reinvented Russia, falsely accusing its ruling authorities of “intimidatory military operations in the immediate vicinity of NATO.”

Facts show it’s the other way around.

Russia and other nations free from US control are falsely accused of all sorts of thing by reinventing reality.

US-dominated NATO repeatedly rejects Russia’s outreach for resolving differences in the interest of cooperative relations with the West.

Nothing ahead will change as long as the country, its resources, and population remain free from US imperial control.

Commenting on a UK report on global human rights, MZ explained what’s missing.

Along with fake news about Russia, Britain’s internal and geopolitical record on human rights is abominable short and longer-term.

Allied with US imperial wars, its forces committed high crimes of war and against humanity time and again, much like how the Pentagon operates.

Its false arrest, imprisonment and virtual torture of Julian Assange — on orders from the Trump regime — along with denying his fundamental rights, have been well documented. 

On all things related to human rights and the rule of law, Britain time and again displayed its police state viciousness.

Like the US, France, Germany, and at least most other EU countries, the UK is unsafe and unfit to live in.

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