Biden to Return to the JCPOA?

Biden to Return to the JCPOA?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Days earlier, Biden said he’ll return to the landmark JCPOA nuclear deal the Trump regime illegally abandoned.

Separately, Biden said he’ll seek a follow-up deal to address Iran’s legitimate ballistic missile program.

He’ll get no agreement from Iran that weakens its defensive capabilities. The issue is a nonstarter. 

What US and other Western politicians say and then do most often are worlds apart.

All Western politicians lie and can never be trusted. Trump elevated lying to an unprecedented level.

Perhaps Biden — and/or his double — will match or exceed him.

Iran has no friends in Washington, no advocates for its fundamental rights under international law.

The same goes for all other sovereign independent countries free from US control.

Longstanding policy by Republicans and Dems calls for transforming them into US vassal states, their resources plundered, the populations exploited — wars by hot and/or other means their favorite strategies.

In a weeks earlier ghost-written op-ed, Biden vowed toughness on Iran if successful in replacing Trump next year, saying:

“Iran poses (a threat) to America’s security interests (sic), to our friends and partners and to its own people (sic),” adding:

It’s on a path toward  toward developing “a nuclear weapon (sic).”

The above remarks are bald-faced Big Lies, prelude to lots more of the same ahead.

Biden repeated Netanyahu’s Big Lies, ones used by Pompeo, other Trump regime hardliners, congressional hawks, and their establishment media press agents.

Not a shred of evidence suggests an Iranian intention to develop nuclear weapons or threaten military action against other nations.

If Iranian authorities wanted the bomb, its technological superiority to most other countries could have developed and produced them long ago.

Its ballistic missiles and other sophisticated weapons are legal under international law.

Most important, they’re solely for defense, not offense.

The Islamic Republic never attacked another country. It opposes terrorism regionally and elsewhere, never engaging in it like the West and Israel.

Biden’s choices for secretary of state and national security advisor are hardline interventionists.

They support “tough diplomacy” with nations on the US target list for regime change, eschewing cooperative relations in pursuit of peace and stability they abhor.

Blinken earlier said if Biden replaces Trump, he’ll use the JCPOA “as a platform (for) build(ing) a stronger and longer deal working with (US) partners,” adding:

E3 countries and Brussels are “likely to join us in trying to curb other actions by Iran that we find objectionable (sic).”

Sullivan called it “impractical to think that the United States will provide significant sanctions relief without assurances that Iran will immediately begin negotiations on a follow-on (JCPOA) agreement that at least extends the timelines of the deal and addresses issues of verification and intercontinental ballistic missiles (sic).”

On Thursday, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif addressed the Mediterranean Dialogues (Rome MED 2020) via videoconference.

Repeating what he said before, he stressed that the Trump regime unlawfully abandoned the JCPOA in May 2018.

Unanimously affirmed by the Security Council members, Res. 2231 is binding international law on all world community nations.

The US is in no position to dictate to Iran on this issue or any others in contravention of international law.

During years of negotiations that preceded agreement on JCPOA provisions, P5+1 countries adopted no restrictions on Iran’s legitimate missile program.

It was because of their own belligerent use of highly destructive weapons against regional countries, along with greater sales weapons to Middle East nations than anywhere else worldwide.

Agreement on excluding restrictions on Iran’s legitimate missile program had nothing to do with granting a concession to its leadership. It was solely because of the above reality.

As long as US-led Western nations and Israel continue waging regional wars of aggression against invented enemies, along with assassinating targeted Iranians, they should cease making unacceptable demands and “shut up,” Zarif stressed.

Iran is ready to resume its JCPOA commitments if the US and E3 countries honor their own and drop illegally imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Iran will not renegotiate the Security Council adopted JCPOA.

If Biden/Harris demand it as a precondition for returning to the agreement, Iran will reject what’s unacceptable and a flagrant breach of international and US constitutional law.

Nor will Iran agree to compromise its national defense by limiting the ability of its military to defend the nation against aggression by the US, NATO, Israel, or any other countries.

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