Selling Poison

Selling Poison

by Stephen Lendman

About to be rolled out covid vaccines for mass vaxxing of millions in the US and abroad are experimental and hazardous to human health.

Everyone who values their health and welfare should go nowhere near these toxins that are dangerously unsafe.

Many hundreds, perhaps thousands, of ethical medical and scientific experts worldwide sounded the alarm about them.

Inoculation risks serious harm — why it’s crucial to SAY NO.

It’s never before been more important to be safe than sorry.

Not according to corporate-owned establishment media — notably the self-styled newspaper of record NYT.

In numerous articles and commentaries, it’s willfully and maliciously engaged in a campaign of mass deception — in cahoots with US dark forces and Big Pharma.

Drug companies like other major corporations prioritize profits over human health.

Their senior executives and their family members won’t go anywhere near the highly toxic covid vaccines they’re promoting for mass vaxxing.

Obama, Bill Clinton, and GW Bush pledged to be vaxxed for covid live on US national television (sic).

They lied like repeatedly when in office. Whatever they’re injected with — if anything — will not be a vaccine for covid.

Obama deceptively said that if Anthony Fauci “tells me this is safe…I’m going to take it.”

Fauci is a notorious con man — never to be trusted, especially not on what’s related to human health and welfare.

The NYT specializes in misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies, fake news, and mass deception.

It’s touting hazardous to human health covid vaccines — that should be banned, not promoted.

It quoted Biden’s pledge to conduct “the most efficient mass vaccination plan in US history” — in his first 100 days.

Aiming to get “at least 100 million covid vaccine shots into the arms of the American people,” he and the Times ignored the extreme danger to everyone vaxxed and public health.

After the fact information about a state-sponsored catastrophe ahead will surely be suppressed.

US dark forces, Big Pharma, and their press agent media like the Times want nothing interfering with their diabolical scheme.

They want it continued ad infinitum to infect billions of people worldwide, part of a likely depopulation scheme.

Like Trump and other dirty politicians, Biden is a serial liar.

Defying reality, he willfully engaged in mass deception by the following remark, saying:

“I’m absolutely convinced than (sic) in 100 days we can change the course of the disease and change life in America for the better (sic).”

Separately, he called ineffective, potentially harmful to health face masks from extended use, “a patriotic act.”

Perhaps he considers suicide the supreme expression of patriotism.

Continuing his litany of bald-faced Big Lies, Biden said “we’re going to find a collective purpose…to save lives and to heal as a nation (sic).”

Mass vaxxing against covid is virtually sure to cause unreported mass casualties, including large numbers of deaths.

On December 2, Britain was the first nation to betray its people by approving use of Pfizer’s covid vaccine for mass vaxxing unsuspecting millions with harmful to health toxins.

According to Times fake news, Pfizer’s vaccine was subject to “rigorous testing (sic),” adding:

Britain’s action “added to the pressure on American drug regulators, who were summoned to the White House on Tuesday by President Trump’s chief of staff to explain why they were not ready to do the same.”

According to the Times, mass vaxxing in Britain “opens a new front in the (covid) battle (sic).”

A nightmarish scenario awaits to unfold, its severity to be determined by how many people unwittingly allow themselves to be vaxxed with what’s toxic and harmful to human health.

Truth and full disclosure about the hazards of all vaccines — notably experimental covid ones following rushed development — is systematically suppressed, major media part of the mass deception.

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