Trump Regime Escalates War by Other Means on Targeted Countries

Trump Regime Escalates War by Other Means on Targeted Countries

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Both extremist right wings of the US war party wage forever wars by hot and/or other means on all nations they don’t control.

Unacceptable Trump regime policies will continue under Biden/Harris when they take over in January.

For nearly half a century, Biden has been pro-war, anti-peace, anti-independent countries, anti-human-and-civil rights, anti-equity and justice, anti-governance serving everyone equitably— anti-what matters most to ordinary Americans. 

He and wannabe-president-in-waiting Kamala Harris will likely match or exceed the worst of Trump’s time in office.

The US considers China and Russia its main adversaries — followed by Iran, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and other countries free from its control.

It’s not for any threat these nations pose. It’s for their sovereign independence.

For Russia and China, it’s for their growing prominence on the world stage while the US is declining.

It’s also because united they can effectively challenge Washington’s hegemonic aims.

Trump and hardliners surrounding him continue waging all-out war by other means on these countries and others on the US target list for regime change.

Reportedly, a flotilla of 10 Iranian tankers are en route to Venezuela.

They’re bringing fuel oil, gasoline, and what’s needed to refine crude — in defiance of the Trump regime’s illegal embargo on both countries.

According to the Pentagon-connected Stars and Stripes, Iran is aiding Venezuela ease its fuel shortage, adding:

Some of the Iranian tankers will “export Venezuelan crude after discharging fuel.”

If so, aid by one country for another is in full compliance with international law — what the US and its imperial partners breach with impunity.

Convicted felon/Trump regime envoy for regime change in Iran and Venezuela, Elliott Abrams, earlier said the following:

“We’re watching what Iran is doing and making sure that other shippers, insurers, ship owners, ship captains realize they must stay away from that trade (sic).”

Last week, he threatened Iran and Venezuela, saying:

“We will not accept, we will not tolerate, the placement in Venezuela of Iranian missiles that can reach the United States (sic).” 

“We will not accept it, and if they try to do it…we will try to interdict it, and if they arrive in Venezuela, they will be dealt with in Venezuela (sic).” 

“It is not acceptable to have Iranian missiles in Venezuela that can reach the United States (sic).”

There’s no evidence of Iran supplying Venezuela with missiles or other weapons — even though doing this would comply with international law.

The US by far is the largest producer and exporter of deadly weapons, including banned ones.

Iran and Venezuela foster cooperative relations with other countries, threatening none like the US, NATO, Israel and their imperial partners.

Abrams’ remarks were largely saber-rattling. 

Weeks before Trump’s term expires on January 20, he’s highly unlikely to launch hot war on either country or any others.

Abrams lied by suggesting Iran is shipping missiles or other weapons to Iran.

So did hawkish SOUTHCOM commander Adminal Craig Faller.

He falsely claimed that “(i)t’s not just oil shipments (from Iran to Venezuela). It’s arms shipments as well (sic).” 

“We saw an uptick in that this year (sic).” 

“We’re watching the rate of change very carefully to see if it connects to any other Iranian malfeasance around the globe (sic).”

“Malfeasance” is a longstanding US specialty at home and abroad worldwide. It’s not how Iran and Venezuela operate.

According to Oil, Iranian “military escorts…patrols, or possibly armed commandos (are) on board” its flotilla for protection against hostile US actions.

Its arrival time in Venezuela is unclear. It’s also unknown whether US warships will interdict and seize control of the Iranian tankers.

Separately, escalated Trump regime war on China continues without letup.

In response to new Trump regime sanctions on 14 Chinese legislative council officials over their involvement in legitimately disqualifying hostile to Beijing Hong Kong legislators — operating like fifth columns threats to the nation in cahoots with the US, Beijing vowed retaliatory measures, China’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said the following:

“Hong Kong is part of China, and its affairs are purely China’s internal affairs.”

The US “is in no position to interfere.” 

“The NPC Standing Committee’s legislation on safeguarding national security in Hong Kong in accordance with the Constitution to improve governance on Hong Kong and crack down on criminals is totally within China’s sovereignty.” 

“For some time, the US side has been meddling in Hong Kong affairs in every way under the pretext of upholding democracy, human rights and autonomy in Hong Kong and supporting violent activities that split the nation and disrupt social order.” 

“Now, the US side is blatantly imposing…sanctions on Vice Chairpersons of the NPC Standing Committee.” 

“This fully exposed the vicious intent of the US to interfere in China’s internal affairs, mess up Hong Kong, and undermine China’s stability and development.” 

“The retrogressive behavior of the US will only trigger greater indignation among the 1.4 billion Chinese people, including Hong Kong compatriots.” 

“We have this solemn message for the United States: The Chinese government is firmly determined to oppose (its) interference in Hong Kong affairs, to uphold China’s sovereignty, security and development interests, and to implement ‘one country, two systems.’ ”

“In response to the egregious act by the US side, China will take firm and strong countermeasures to defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.”

Toughness is the only language both right wings of the US war party understand.

Diplomatic outreach in the interest of fostering cooperative relation is futile when pursued by nations free from its control.

When imposed by the US on targeted nations like China, sanctions are acts of war by other means and flagrantly illegal.

Disqualified Hong Kong legislators breached their oath of office by allying with US-led Western interests against China’s national security and fundamental rights.

The action was taken “in accordance with the constitution, Hong Kong Basic Law and Hong Kong National Security Law.”

Trump’s escalated sanctions war on China near the end of his tenure aims to leave little room for Biden/Harris to undue his damage to bilateral relations.

China’s Global Times called Trump regime sanctions on “the country’s top legislat(ive) (members)…over Hong Kong (one of) its final act(s) of hysteria…”

According to China/Hong Kong/Macao affairs expert Tian Feilong:

Trump’s new sanctions show that near the end of his tenure, his regime “continue(s) push(ing) its Cold War mentality toward China by escalating tensions, creating more problems for Biden,” adding:

Beijing can retaliate by “impos(ing) permanent sanctions against US lawmakers who propose Hong Kong-related bills and their relatives, and order the HKSAR (Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) government to strictly scrutinize those who seek (and obtain) so-called ‘asylum status’ (in the US) and resolutely punish those who violate the relevant laws in Hong Kong…”

Trump and hardliners surrounding him will long be remembered as a wrecking ball regime for the damage they caused to peace, the rule of law, and ordinary people at home and abroad.

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