Sergey Lavrov on Challenges of the Time

Sergey Lavrov on Challenges of the Time

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Geopolitical challenges largely relate to the scourge of endless US war on humanity.

It poses an enormous risk of global conflict by accident or design that could doom us all if launched.

Fostering world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries, Russia operates by a higher standard.

It respects the rule of law in stark contrast to US/NATO/Israeli contempt for this standard that conflicts with their imperial aims.

Calling 2020 “challenging and pivotal,” Lavrov explain the enormous economic harm to countless millions of people from events of the past year.

It’s impossible to know when or if life will ever return to normal. At best, it’ll be no time soon, most likely never in increasingly totalitarian USA and other Western states

Instead of world community nations engaged cooperatively to deal with present-day challenges, “the United States and its allies are trying to take advantage of this situation in their geopolitical interests and ignore the needs that are common to humanity,” Lavrov explained.

Multilateralism is hostile to US imperial aims for control over world nations, their resources and populations by brute force if other tactics fail.

Because of endless US war on humanity, “mutually respectful dialogue and rejecting artificially created confrontational schemes is nowhere to be seen,” said Lavrov.

“Russia believes it is imperative to look for ways to unite countries and governments, to look for a constructive agenda relying on the principles of collegiality and equality, which should contribute to de-escalating international tensions and ensure the predictability of global processes.”

The US rejects what’s most beneficial to most people everywhere.

Its imperial rage has other aims in mind, punctuated by endless conflicts with others in mind to launch.

“Our goal is clear,” said Lavrov. “We seek stability, fair opportunities for all states, including, of course, Russia.” 

“Gunboat diplomacy or democratic or any other sort of messianism is hardly an option if we want to accomplish this.”

Russia adheres to UN Charter principles and norms, polar opposite how the US and its partners in high crimes operate.

“We believe that respect for the cultural and civilizational specifics of the modern world and refusal to impose one development model and values on everyone is an absolutely necessary step if we want to calm down the current situation,” Lavrov stressed, adding: 

“We see that this approach is shared by the overwhelming majority of participants in international communication.” 

“We disagree with the Western attempts to portray Russia as a country in isolation or a geopolitical loner.”

“Russia’s proposals regarding strategic stability, arms control and European security are indicative of our constant readiness to achieve mutual understanding.”

Lavrov slammed militantly hostile to peace, equity, justice and the rule of law Marshall Billingslea — the Trump regime’s so-called arms control envoy, an undiplomatic thug like Pompeo.

Wielding a hammer in talks with Russia, he sees everything as a nail.

According to Lavrov, he urged future US regimes “to never agree with (a) statement on the unacceptability of nuclear war.”

Mentally unbalanced, he needs competent psychiatric help. 

The sooner he, Pompeo, and other Trump regime hardliners are replaced, the quicker the world community can exhale, but only short-term.

Perhaps others more hostile to world peace and stability will replace them.

Peaceniks are banned from holding significant US posts. Belligerents alone are welcome.

US-dominated NATO — with Republicans or Dems in charge —  want not only “containment” of Russia, but “confrontation” as well, said Lavrov, adding:

“One of Washington’s primary goals is to make the EU lose its strategic independence and return to the fold of Euro-Atlantic unity, where everyone is aware of who pays the piper and calls the tune.”

World peace, stability, and mutual cooperation among the world community of nations is impossible to achieve unless hegemon USA is checked and neutralized — by growing numbers of countries declaring their independence, no longer supporting its hostile agenda.

Lavrov: “Those who want to impose their agenda on us and ignore our status of a subject in international affairs must understand that we are not going to either make excuses or seek approval for our actions.” 

“Threats, sanctions or attempts to come up with other punishments are absolutely pointless and counterproductive.” 

“(T)he West has not realized this so far.”

What’s enshrined in the UN Charter is binding international law on all world body member states.

Russia observes them to the letter. The US and imperial partners operate by their own rules exclusively — in breach of the rule of law.

Unacceptable Western standards are hostile to what just societies cherish.

Russia “ha(s) no place to fit in,” said Lavrov.

“We need to build something ourselves.”

“This is a fairly ambitious and complex goal, but it calls for immediate action.”

In recent remarks, Lavrov expressed independent/tough-minded views on Russia’s position about the US-dominated West.

He suggested the futility of seeking rapprochement with nations seeking dominance over Russia and other independent nations, not cooperative relations with them.

Hegemons like the US go all-out to control other nations by whatever it takes to achieve their aims.

It’s a prescription for endless conflicts, a permanent state of war that risks a potentially catastrophic outcome.

In the thermonuclear age, we’re all doomed if things spin out of control unchecked — a frightening possibility.

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