US Imperial Rage to Dominate the Main Obstacle to World Peace

US Imperial Rage to Dominate the Main Obstacle to World Peace

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Earlier I explained that both right wings of the US war party wage endless hot wars, cold wars, economic wars, financial wars, trade wars, anti-social justice wars, anti-human rights wars, anti-democracy wars, propaganda wars, sanctions wars, tariffs wars, homeland wars, and environmental wars o­n multiple fronts worldwide.

Ordinary people at home and worldwide are big losers, privileged ones benefitting at their expense.

New wars by hot or other means can erupt any time, anywhere.

At all times, they’re against invented enemies. No real ones exist — not now or earlier since WW II ended over 75 years ago.

Pre-WW II, the US had no foreign enemies since Britain shifted focus from former colonial America to deal with the possible threat Napoleon posed to its homeland — even after the 1805 defeat of his navy in the battle of Trafalgar.

During decades of Cold War years, the US got along with Soviet Russia, even if uneasily at times. 

Nixon went to China. US relations today with both countries and others it doesn’t control are more dismal and dangerous than any previous time in the post-WW II period.

The threat of possible nuclear war is ominously real by accident or design.

As long as these WMDs exist, their possible use is humanity’s greatest threat.

If detonated in enough numbers, nuclear winter could follow.

On his Nuclear website, Physicians for Social Responsibility senior scientist Steven Starr explained the following:

“If 1% of the nuclear weapons now ready for war were detonated in large cities, they would utterly devastate the environment, climate, ecosystems and inhabitants of earth.” 

“A war fought with thousands of strategic nuclear weapons would leave the earth uninhabitable.”

“In a nuclear war, immense nuclear firestorms in burning cities would create millions of tons of thick, black, radioactive smoke.” 

“This smoke would rise above cloud level and quickly surround and engulf the entire earth.” 

“The smoke would form a stratospheric smoke layer that would block sunlight from reaching the surface of earth for a period of about ten years.”

“Nuclear famine would result for” survivors of nuclear war.

Virtually all life forms would likely perish.

“Even humans living in shelters equipped with many years worth of food, water, energy, and medical supplies would probably not survive in the hostile post-war environment” — if large numbers of thermonuclear weapons are detonated.

When nations go to war with each other, they’re likely to use whatever weapons in their arsenals are necessary to win — a frightening prospect.

If nukes aren’t eliminated, chances are they’ll be used one day in greater numbers than earlier — especially by US neocon extremists bent on global dominance.

Will humans become the first species ever to destroy itself – and take all other life forms with it?

If nuclear war is waged, we’re all doomed to die a painful death from detonations or worse — the excruciating fatal effects of nuclear radiation poisoning.

Ending life on earth this way would be the supreme price of imperial arrogance. What’s unthinkable is possible.

Endless US war by other means on China, Russia, and Iran risks turning things hot one day by accident or design — a possible nuclear nightmare if things are pushed too far.

The Middle East, South China Sea, Taiwan Strait, and territory near Russia’s borders are the world’s most dangerous flashpoint areas.

If global war erupts, it’ll highly likely be launched by the US in one or more of these parts of the world.

What’s crucial to avoid may be unavoidable because of US rage to control planet earth, its resources and populations.

According to Iranian parliamentary international affairs director general Hossein Amir Abdullahian, the Middle East today “cannot bear a new war.”

“The region (already) suffers from (made-in-the USA) terrorism” and its hostile occupation of regional countries.

The US “do(es) not value (or respect) human (and civil) rights.”

The US, UK, other Western countries, and Israeli “Zionist regime” are the enemies of peace, stability, and the rule of law.

Throughout new millennium years alone, they’re responsible for raping and destroying Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Gaza, and other parts of Occupied Palestine.

Without respect for human rights and the rule of law, world peace and stability will remain unattainable.

Like always, ordinary people will pay the greatest price.

Abdullahian explained that “Iran  is ready to engage in dialogue on the path of peace and constructive interaction with all sides of the region to have a prosperous and developed region that becomes a model of friendship and cooperation for the whole world.”

This goal is unattainable because of US/NATO/Israeli imperial aims — no matter the price in mass destruction, slaughter, and human misery.

Separately, Iranian IRGC commander General Hossein Salami said a decisive response to Israel’s assassination of eminent scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh is coming — with no further elaboration.

Failure to respond would encourage more of the same.

The Zionist enemy of regional and world peace is a menace exceeded only by US-dominated NATO.

On Tuesday, Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiyee said the following:

“We expect the US to reverse all the destructive trends…without any preconditions.” 

“The (incoming Biden/Harris regime) knows very well what it should do to reassure Iran and what harmful actions it can avoid that could harm diplomacy,” adding:

“In our view, the negotiations on the nuclear deal are over, and there are no plans for new negotiations that need to be restructured.” 

“The only thing left today is the return of all parties to their undertakings under the agreement, and this is not a complicated issue.”

No “new negotiations (with the US will happen until it) returns to the point where it has departed from its undertakings.”

Chances for improved US relations with Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, North Korea, and other nations free from its control are virtually nil no matter which right wing its duopoly rule runs things.

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