US War on Russia by Other Means

US War on Russia by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In her latest weekly report, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova (MZ below) discussed US war on her country by other means.

Commenting on Pompeo’s fake news claim that Moscow sows Middle East “chaos, conflict and division,” MZ said the following:

He and other US hardliners invent reasons to “spread disinformation” about Russia, part of their long war on the country by other means.

While Moscow fosters peace and cooperation with other nations, hostile US policy is polar opposite.

Throughout new millennium years, it raped and destroyed Afghanistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, and Syria, along with waging war by other means on many other countries — including Russia, China, Iran, and Bolivarian Venezuela.

Instead of resolving conflicts, it “instigate(s)” and prolongs them endlessly on invented enemies because real ones don’t exist.

Russia engages with world community countries cooperatively, including all-out efforts to resolve US-instigated conflicts in Syria, Iran, Libya, and elsewhere.

MZ: “Pompeo accused the recently released Russian citizens Maxim Shugalei and Samer Sueifan of contacts with private military contractor Wagner.” 

“These allegations are totally absurd. Our compatriots arrived in Tripoli legally in May 2019, with the consent of local authorities, to conduct sociological surveys for Russian research centers.” 

“Then they were kidnapped. We could not even establish their whereabouts for a while until we found them in the Mitiga prison.” 

“They were facing unfounded charges of espionage in favor of one of the parties to the Libyan conflict.” The American side is obviously guided by the ‘testimony’ squeezed out of them under torture or self-incrimination.”

“There are no Russian service personnel in Libya. The activities of private military companies are not covered by the laws of the Russian Federation.”

The US promotes conflict in Libya and elsewhere instead of trying to end them — an anathema notion to its warmaking ruling class.

Fake news stories “planted by Washington about Russia violating the UN Security Council’s arms embargo on Libya have not been supported by reliable facts.” 

“Ideological propaganda has no use for facts, whereas we prefer working in accordance with rules.”

Pompeo lied claiming that Moscow “printed counterfeit Libyan dinars.”

Virtually nothing he says about invented US adversaries is credible.

His phony accusations about 

Russia’s involvement in Syria defy reality.

Intervening in response to Assad’s request turned the tide of battle by smashing most US-supported terrorists in the country — largely imported cross-border from neighboring and other countries.

MZ: Despite opposition by the US and its imperial partners, “an international conference on the return of refugees and IDPs was held in Damascus on November 11-12 with Russia’s support.” 

“We would like to remind our opponents that the importance of settling the problem of refugees is specifically mentioned in the related UNSC decisions, including Resolution 2254” — fulfilling its provisions key for conflict resolution, prevented by endless US war. 

“We believe that the Damascus forum may help launch a multilateral process, which other concerned countries, including the Mediterranean ones, and specialized international organizations would be able to join later,” MZ added.

Bipartisan US hardliners demand that nation-states ally with its imperial agenda against Russia and other countries if seek ties with Washington.

It’s either going along with its hostile agenda or be treated like an enemy.

MZ explained that in mid-December, Pompeo admitted that Russia is on Washington’s enemies list.

Defying reality, he falsely accused Moscow of threatening US security— a bald-faced Big Lie he knows but claims it anyway.

He lied claiming that Russia carried out a large-scale cyberattack on US government agencies this month — providing no evidence because there is none.

Long ago seeming almost in another lifetime, Pompeo said the Trump regime “seek(s) a better relationship with Russia.”

Like countless times before, it was head-fake deception. Everyone paying attention recognizes numerous examples when they occur.

The US seeks dominance of over nations, better relations dependent on a master-servant relationship with other countries.

MZ: “Why does the outgoing US” regime keep going all-out to make relations with Russia “worse?”

Hostile to nations free from US control mass media operate the same way.

Accusations made against Russia and other nations on the US target list for regime change are supported by press agent media.

MZ: “Instead of dealing with domestic political problems, it is convenient for the American establishment to promote the image of an external enemy represented by Russia” and other nations. 

“It should not be ruled out, however, that the real reason behind allegations against us is to prevent” Biden/Harris “from developing cooperation with us, including on international information security.”

There’s virtually zero chance for improved Russian/US relations when they replace Trump on January 20.

It’s more likely that relations will deteriorate further than already.

MZ slammed Trump’s Commerce Department for establishing a new military end use (MEU) list with 40 Russian firms on it — another hostile US action on the country and its enterprises.

This action is part of Washington’s longstanding aim to marginalize, contain, weaken and isolate Russia — a failed agenda since initiated long ago. 

Yet it persists, further straining relations instead of easing them in the interest of world peace and stability — notions the US abhors and doesn’t tolerate in pursuing its hegemonic agenda.

Because of hostile US actions, Russia has been successfully pursuing technological independence from the US and West.

It’s an incomplete/longterm project that continues advancing toward breaking with the West altogether technologically unless and until the US and Brussels mend their wicked ways.

Separately, MZ commented on “the Pentagon’s new version of the joint strategy for the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, published on December 17, 2020.” 

It’s “a…plan to prepare for a confrontation with Russia and China.” 

“Both countries are described as ‘the two most significant threats to this era of global peace and prosperity.’ ”

The claim applies exclusively to the US, NATO, Israel, and their imperial partners in high crimes of war and against humanity — clearly not Russia, China, or other countries US hardliners target for regime change.

Virtually all claims made by US hardliners against invented enemies are bald-faced Big Lies.

They repeat with disturbing reality, fostering hostile relations and conflicts instead of prioritizing world peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other countries — notions it rejects.

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