Covid Mass-Vaxxing: 1000s of Health Impact Events Reported

Covid Mass-Vaxxing: 1000s of Health Impact Events Reported

by Stephen Lendman

According to the CDC, an “ ‘adverse event’ is any health problem that happens after a shot or other vaccine.”

A “health impact event” is any anything that renders an individual “unable to perform normal daily activities, unable to work, (and) require(s) care from doctor or health care professional.”

On December 14, covid mass-vaxxing began in the US.

On December 19, over 5,000 “health impact events” were reported.

According to the roach principle, when see one, there are many more around unseen.

The principle applies to bad news that authorities want kept under wraps.

When some is known, what’s reported is likely the tip of the iceberg.

If thousands of “health impact events” were reported from covid mass-vaxxing in less than a week, many more likely were unreported.

If what was reported happened in five days, how many more went unreported.

How many tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands of “health impact events” will follow in the weeks and months ahead — in the US and abroad?

Emergency authorization use (EAU) granted Pfizer and Moderna by the Pharma-controlled FDA for their  fast-tracked, inadequately tested, high-risk, experimental covid vaccines is playing fast and loose with human health in the US and abroad.

In hindsight when it’s too late to matter, will it be known that these hazardous to health vaccines caused irreparable harm to countless numbers of people?

Based on vaccine history, it’s highly likely.

The CDC in cahoots with Pharma falsely claimed that Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines are safe and effective — knowing it’s untrue.

By any definition, the CDC action constitutes a crime against humanity that surely will go unpunished.

Straightaway or soon after vaxxing of trial participants, Pfizer and Moderna caused:

Pain or soreness in area vaxxed

Myalgia — Muscle pain affecting ligaments, tendons and fascia soft tissue

Erythema — reddening of skin from dilation of blood capillaries

Fatigue and malaise



Vaxxed site swelling

Nausea that may include vomiting

Lymphadenopathy — inflammatory enlargement of lymph nodes that may be minor or serious

According to the CDC, alleged effectiveness of Pfizer’s covid vaccine lasts about two months.

So-called Moderna’s effectiveness lasts about 14 days or slightly longer after two doses.

Vaxxing is hazardous for everyone. High-risk/experimental Pfizer and Moderna covid vaccines have unknown hidden dangers to human health.

They’re especially hazardous to the elderly and for individuals on a cocktail of other drugs, as well as everyone with weakened immune systems.

The Jerusalem Post reported that a 75-year-old Jerusalem man died from a heart attack two hours after vaxxed for covid, citing Israel’s Health Ministry.

Last March, noted Milford (CT) Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory expert on DNA sequencing-based diagnostics Dr. Sin Hang Lee filed an Administrative Stay of Action with the FDA, NIH, NIAID, and WHO.

He urged them not to approve experimental covid vaccines because of overwhelming numbers of PCR testing false positives — rendering the tests worthless.

His legitimate concern was ignored.

Many thousands of doctors and scientists worldwide warned against  vaxxing for covid protection that experimental vaccines don’t provide — just potential serious health problems.

Mass-vaxxing in the US is well underway.

It may cause an epidemic of serious health issues that’s likely to be suppressed by public health agencies and complicit media.

Forewarned is forearmed.

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