Key Section of Nord Stream 2 Completed

Key Section of Nord Stream 2 Completed

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Tass on Monday, a key 2.6 km section of Russian Gazprom’s Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to Germany’s exclusive economic zone was competed.

Construction of the portion to Denmark will begin in January.

Nord Stream 2’s onshore construction was completed days earlier.

Gazprom CEO Elena Burmistrova said the pipeline’s onshore segment is “fully ready for commissioning.”

Overall, 94% of the project is completed from Russia beneath the Baltic Sea to Germany.

Depending on what Burmistrova called “a range of conditions, such as weather conditions, the work period, and so on,” the project may be completed entirely, commissioned, and operative in the coming weeks.

Further announcements will come “at the appropriate time,” no further information provided at this time.

On Monday, German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass said Berlin “will not change its position on Nord Stream 2” when Biden/Harris replace Trump in January.

Germany wants the project completed despite all-out efforts by Trump regime hardliners and Congress to block it — by sanctions and other threats.

Washington’s aim is two-fold. It wants maximum sales of 30% higher cost liquified natural gas (LNG) from US firms to European markets.

It also wants Russia harmed economically and financially.

When completed, Nord Stream 2 will supply Europe with up to 55 billion cubic meters of low-cost natural gas annually.

Along with Nord Stream 1, the new pipeline will double the volume of Russian natural gas to European countries.

Weeks earlier, Mass said the EU “sees (US) sanctions against the project as an illegal step and takes a different view of the political aspect when it comes to the issue,” adding:

“We don’t cherish illusions about the issue.” 

“There’s hardly any difference in views between Democrats and Republicans.” 

“However, a renewed strain and another way of discussing will help to achieve progress on the matter.” 

When completed, Nord Stream 2 will supply Germany with enough natural gas to fulfill its needs.

Last week, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called illegal US sanctions on the project a “naked cowboy-like raider attack” on the project.

US hardliners threatened European firms involved in its construction with punitive measures unless they withdraw from the project.

It continues toward completion in spite of unacceptable and unlawful US actions.

Claims by Trump regime and congressional officials that Nord Stream 2 threatens European security is a transparent bald-faced Big Lie.

In mid-December, Vladimir Putin stressed that the pipeline will be completed and go online as planned, adding:

It’s “beyond all doubt…a beneficial (project) for the economy of Europe in general and for Germany in particular.”

The US FY 2021 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) includes more illegal sanctions on nations and firms involved in Nord Stream 2’s construction — a futile effort to block its completion.

Earlier in December, militantly hardline Russophobe Senator Ted Cruz said:

“(T)his project will never be launched and gas will never be launched through the pipeline.”

He’s been wrong many times before, again this time.

The same goes for assistant secretary of state Stephen Biegun, saying: “We’ll stop this pipeline.”

German Chancellor Merkel said “the position of (her) government remains” firm in support of the project’s completion.

It’s almost there.

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