Nashville Detonation a False Flag

Nashville Detonation a False Flag

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

According to Natural News, the Nashville Christmas day incident appears to have been carried out by a “Direct Energy Weapon.” 

The detonation targeted AT&T’s communications building to destroy its hardware and stored data.

Accused suspect Anthony Quinn Warner appears to have been used as a convenient patsy.

Did he commit suicide as claimed or did US dark forces kill him to be sure no refutation of the official narrative?

The answer seems self-evident. Dead men tell no tales.

Claimed evidence revealed no motive for wanting to carry out the attack, a clear red flag.

If Warner — described by neighbors as a quiet friendly loner — wanted to take his own life, why didn’t he do it in private?

The official narrative has holes large enough to drive an RV through.

Claiming Warner’s DNA was found on a detonated RV is where the official narrative falls apart.

The vehicle at the crime scene isn’t the RV seen parked outside Warner’s home.

Natural News cited information provided by, explaining the following:

The crime scene RV has a single horizontal pin stripe along the driver’s side near the vehicle’s roof.

Warner’s RV seen parked outside his residence earlier has two pin stripes in the same location.

It’s proof that his RV had nothing to do with the incident.

Claiming it refutes the official narrative to falsely blame Warner for what he apparently had nothing to do with.

If deceased as claimed, US dark forces likely eliminated him to assure their official narrative sticks.

Their apparent phony narrative is refuted by two inanimate objects — stripes on two RVs that don’t match, as explained above.

Warner’s RV unconnected to what happened is gone, likely destroyed away from the crime scene or hidden out of sight an an unknown location. 

A separate RV was detonated outside the AT&T communications building.

Dark forces screwed up by overlooking the differentiating detail that a sharp observer spotted and reported.

Based on what’s known, Warner was framed to be used from the grave as a convenient patsy — eliminated so unable to refute the fabricated narrative.

It had the distinct aroma of fake news from the day of the incident but no known evidence at the time to prove it.

The crime is reminiscent of a fictional Columbo TV series episode in which one individual locks another in a walk-in vault and suffocates him to death for access to its valuable contents.

Like always, Columbo solves the crime — in this episode by a voice from the grave.

In the enclosed vault with no light, the suffocated to death individual managed to provide evidence of what happended on a scrap of paper placed in a ceiling light socket beneath a light bulb.

He also scratched arrows on metal containers in the vault that when placed in the proper order by Columbo revealed an arrow pointing upward to where the evidence was in the socket.

Case closed, the guilty party discovered by a voice from the grave, inanimate objects proving it.

More will likely be known about the Nashville plot ahead, perhaps what information was targeted for elimination.

What’s already known exposed the incident as a false flag — a US specialty since the 19th century. 

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