The Russian Hacking Big Lie Got Bigger

The Russian Hacking Big Lie Got Bigger

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Key to separating facts from fiction requires knowing the source.

The US is permanently at war by hot and/or other means against nations free from its control.

Establishment media provide press agent services for powerful interests, sticking exclusively to the official narrative on major domestic and geopolitical issues.

Time and again, when the US and go-along media accuse a sovereign independent country, its leadership or other officials of unlawful actions, it’s virtually always unaccompanied by corroborating evidence because none exists.

When US accusations are made by anonymous sources, they’re least credible.

It’s longstanding practice by the self-styled newspaper of record.

Surprisingly, the broadsheet’s public editor slammed its editorial policy, saying:

“There is nothing more toxic to responsible journalism than an anonymous source.”

While misinformation, disinformation, Big Lies and fake news in deference to powerful interests are most toxic of all, so is the use of anonymous sources.

If someone quoted declines to be identified, it’s because of the individual’s hostile agenda toward who or what critical remarks are directed toward.

When print, electronic, or social media publish accusations by anonymous sources, they lose credibility.

Along with other nations free from US control, Russia is repeatedly accused of things it had nothing to do with.

When bald-faced Big Lies are repeated enough times, most people are duped into believing them — no matter how many times before they were willfully deceived.

While the US and its imperial partners are at war on humanity at home and abroad, Russia and other nations on its target list for regime change are at peace with other countries, threatening none, prioritizing cooperative relations over belligerence against them the way the US operates globally.

The Russian hacking Big Lie was long ago debunked. The same thing goes for other phony accusations against Moscow — including fake news claims about its leadership threatening US interests.

When credible evidence doesn’t support accusations made, they’re groundless.

Establishment media are at war with nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington — waging it editorially through the power of Big Lies and mass deception.

In its latest edition, the Times again beat the dead horse Big Lie accusation of Russian hacking, claiming it got bigger, saying:

US “top cyberwarrior General Nakasone…and other American officials responsible for cybersecurity are now consumed by what they missed for at least nine months: a hacking, now believed to have affected upward of 250 federal agencies and businesses, that Russia aimed not at the election system but at the rest of the United States government and many large American corporations (sic).”

Imagine! After years of falsely blaming Russia for US election interference — notably after Trump defeated media darling Hillary in November 2016 — never providing credible evidence, the Times admitted lying about it.

It now wants readers to believe its above accusation is genuine.

Once a liar, alway one, never again to be trusted.

The Times and other establishment media consistently and repeatedly lie, deceive, and otherwise betray the public trust they long ago abandoned and lost.

Take nothing they report at face value.

They’re agents of wealth, power and privilege that are enemies of ordinary people.

So are their Big Media servants, a collective lying machine for their interests.

Relying on them for news, information and analysis assures knowing nothing about issues most important to public health, well-being, and safety.

It assures permission granted them to manipulate the public mind, brainwashing ordinary people to believe what harms them is beneficial.

Not a shred of credible evidence suggests Russian hacking as falsely claimed because there is none.

How many months or years will pass before the Times fesses up to lying again?

How many other issues does it consistently lie about?

The answer is self-evident — virtually everything most important to most people.

Phony accusations against other nations relating to barbarians at the gates are all about unjustifiably justifying the national security state and limitless spending for militarism and belligerence at the expense of vital homeland needs gone begging. 

Notably the above relates to eroding social justice that’s targeted for elimination altogether by Great Reset Brave New World dystopia being rolled out in plain sight — the worst by far to come ahead if diabolical dark forces supported by Big Media get their way.


In its latest fake news about Russian hacking, the Times piled one accusation atop others without providing a shred of evidence supporting any of it!

It’s one of countless examples of how it spreads Big Lies and mass deception — truth-telling on major issues in its editions banned by management and editors.

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