Provocative Trump Regime UN Envoy to Visit Taiwan

Provocative Trump Regime UN Envoy Visit to Taiwan

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On January 13 to 15, Trump regime UN envoy Kelly Craft will provocatively visit Taiwan.

She’ll be the third senior Trump regime official to visit the island state considered by China to be a breakaway province to be eventually reunited with the mainland.

It’s a policy written in stone, a potential casus belli toward violators.

Last year, Trump regime undersecretary of state Keith Krach and HHS secretary Alex Azar unacceptably visited Taiwan.

China’s Global Times slammed Craft’s upcoming visit, saying:

The Trump regime “continues to play its ‘Taiwan card’ against China,” adding:

“US ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft will visit Taiwan and hold a ‘political-military dialogue’ with the island amid the turbulent White House power transition.”

Pompeo announced her visit next week with no further elaboration.

According to China/Taiwan expert Huang Chih-hsien, Craft’s visit is an unacceptable provocation to the one-China principle the Trump regime virtually abandoned unilaterally.

China’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying stressed the following:

“Taiwan is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory, and the government of the People’s Republic of China is the sole legal government representing China.” 

“These are internationally recognized facts, and the US made a clear commitment to this in the 1979 Joint Communique on the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between China and the US.”

A statement by China’s UN mission accused the Trump regime of “playing with fire” by Craft’s upcoming visit, adding:

“We wish to remind the United States that whoever plays with fire will burn himself. The United States will pay a heavy price for its wrong action.”

“China strongly urges the United States to stop its crazy provocation, stop creating new difficulties for China-US relations and the two countries’ cooperation in the United Nations, and stop going further on the wrong path.”

The Trump regime’s UN mission claimed that Craft’s visit will “reinforce (its) strong and ongoing support for Taiwan’s international space…”

Last month, Craft expressed US support for Taiwan.

Ignoring flagrant US human rights abuses at home and worldwide, she accused China of these violations while praising Taiwan as “a true force for good in the world (sic).”

Throughout his tenure, Trump waged unacceptable war on China and other nations free from US control by other means.

Even during these troubled times near his tenure’s end, he continues a steady drumbeat of hostile actions against nations on the US target list for regime change.

According to Taiwan International Strategic Study Society director Wang Kung-yi:

Craft’s visit may aim “to establish a convention for the Biden (regime) to follow, and this is also in line with the Taiwan Travel Act signed into law by Trump in 2018 to allow high-level official exchanges between the US and Taiwan.”

Former head of the China Institutes of Contemporary International Relations Cui Liru said the following about Craft’s visit:

“The Trump (regime) and (Taiwanese president) Tsai Ing-wen will spare no efforts to promote US-Taiwan relations until Trump hands over power.” 

“Their purpose is to raise US-Taiwan relations to a height that (Biden/Harris) cannot reverse.”

“Although Biden will not handle US-Taiwan relations like Trump has, his (regime) won’t be able to take significant actions to reverse the current situation soon after he takes office, because there are more urgent domestic issues to be resolved.” 

Given Trump’s likely 11th hour impeachment next week and possible Senate trial, he should focus on his own troubles alone during his remaining few days in office — not stoking it abroad.

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