Iran to Expel IAEA Monitors if Illegal US Sanctions Not Lifted

Iran to Expel IAEA Monitors if Illegal US Sanctions Not Lifted

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

No nations with commercial or militarized nuclear programs are more intensively monitored than Iran, none more cooperative, none more unjustifiably abused.

Nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel won’t let IAEA or any other monitors near their nuke development and production facilities — with no world community outrage expressed for the dangers these countries pose.

There’s no ambiguity about Iran’s legitimate nuclear program with no military component, no evidence of seeking one.

Last week, Iranian Parliament Presiding Board Ahmad Amirabadi said the following:

“Iran, without a doubt, will stop the voluntary implementation of Additional Protocol if the sanctions against Iran, especially in finance, banking and oil sectors are not lifted by” February 21. 

“This is a law passed by the Iranian Parliament. The government is committed to implement this law.” 

“We gave the US a one-month opportunity. The new US (regime) will take the office” in days.

“The main goal of the JCPOA was to lift all sanctions which did not happen.” 

“We do not see any reason to fulfill our obligations unless the sanctions are lifted.” 

“Certainly the implementation of commitments without the lifting of sanctions is to the detriment of the Iranian nation, and so far the Iranian nation has suffered from this.” 

“Americans and Europeans have not suffered any harm.”

According to newly enacted Iranian legislation, the country’s Atomic Energy Organization of Iran will fully comply with its provisions, including what’s explained above.

On Sunday, Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf said that EU countries will pay a price for continuing to support illegally imposed sanctions on the Islamic Republic by the Trump regime, adding:

“The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is not a sacred agreement.” 

“It is merely a deal to remove sanctions under conditions accepted by the Islamic Republic of Iran.” 

“Therefore, the return of the United States to the JCPOA is not important to us.” 

“It is the practical and tangible lifting of (illegal) sanctions that really matters.”

“Ayatollah Khamenei’s advice clarified the roadmap for all authorities in fulfilling the demands of the people.”

“It became clear to everyone that the main strategy in the face of the enemy is to neutralize the sanctions, which is also a prelude to the lifting of sanctions.” 

“The country must increase its power in different sectors, including the nuclear industry.”

“The Western front should know that it must recognize the rights of the Iranian people.” 

“If not, it should be prepared to pay the ‘appropriate price.’ ”

“Instead, our logical demand is the lifting of sanctions and taking back the usurped right of the nation, a duty that should be performed by America and its European vassals.”

Days ahead of Biden/Harris replacing Trump, it’s unlikely that they’ll return to the JCPOA in its present form.

It’s highly likely that they’ll make unacceptable demands for return to the Security Council affirmed landmark agreement — making it binding international and US constitutional law.

These demands will surely include wanting Iran’s legitimate missile program weakened, a notion its ruling authorities reject.

All politicians in the West and most other countries lie, especially US ones.

It’s why nothing they say can be taken at face value.

Last September, Biden vowed to “offer Tehran a credible path back to diplomacy,” adding:

“If Iran returns to strict compliance with the nuclear deal, the United States would rejoin the (JCPOA) as a starting point for follow-on negotiations.”

They include unacceptable demands Iran won’t accept, Biden failed to explain.

Nor that if this scenario unfolds as expected, Biden/Harris will highly likely continue Trump’s war on the country by other means.

Last month, Biden pulled back on his above remarks. Asked whether he’ll return to the JCPOA, he called taking this action “very difficult,” adding:

Iran is “moving closer to the ability to be able to have enough material for a nuclear weapon (sic). And there’s the missile issues (sic).”

Iran said it’s increasing uranium to 20% purity, its pre-JCPOA level, but will return to what the agreement stipulates if the US, Britain, France and Germany comply with their broken obligations.

Nuclear weapons development requires at least 90% pure uranium, way below Iran’s 20% level.

The country’s missile program is solely for self-defense, its legitimate right under international law.

Iranian foreign policy is worlds apart from perpetual US, NATO, Israeli aggression in stark contrast to Tehran’s pursuit of peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries.

There’s no ambiguity about world community good and bad guys, especially on issues relating to war and peace.

Iran hasn’t attacked another countries in centuries, what the West and apartheid Israel do repeatedly.

When transition of power occurs in Washington, dirty business as usual continues without missing a beat.

Both right wings of the US war party are militantly hostile toward nations free from their imperial control.

At best, Biden/Harris policies toward Iran might be modestly less confrontational than during Trump’s tenure.

It’s more likely that toughness will continue unchanged as it’s been for over four decades.

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