Increasing US Censorship

Increasing US Censorship

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

When unobstructed/constitutionally protected speech, media and academic freedoms are compromised and undermined, free and open societies no longer exist.

That’s the disturbing state of today’s America, a totalitarian police state on a fast track toward full-blown tyranny.

A politicized lynching is underway in Washington against a sitting president — based on Big Lies and mass deception.

All Americans are gravely endangered if dark forces behind what’s ongoing achieve their diabolical aims that include banning online free expression for everyone.

After suspending or banning Trump on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms, fallout already affects all their users.

When social media in cahoots with dark forces suppress free and open expression, will criminalizing views that differ from the official narrative on major issues follow? 

“Stop the Steal” and related rhetoric used by Trump is now banned for everyone on Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms.

On Monday, Twitter banned 70,000 accounts that share QAnon content

These actions are flagrant constitutional breaches, unjustifiably justified by Twitter’s Big Lie, saying:

“(W)e’ve taken (steps) to protect the conversation on our service from attempts to incite violence, organize attacks, and share deliberately misleading information about the election outcome (sic).”

Translation: Exposing and presenting evidence of brazen fraud-enabling grand theft Election 2020 is banned by Twitter (and other social media).

It’s to promote and permit remarks supporting the official fabricated narrative alone on these platforms — how censorship works.

In response to unconstitutional actions by social media, the ACLU denounced what it called Big Tech “unchecked power” by de-platforming speech that diverges from the official narrative.

A statement by ACLU senior legislative counsel Kate Ruane said the following:

“(I)t should concern everyone when companies like Facebook and Twitter wield the unchecked power to remove people from platforms that have become indispensable for the speech of billions…”

De-platformed Trump “can turn his press team or Fox News to communicate with the public, but others – like many Black, Brown, and LGTBQ activists who have been censored by social media companies – will not have that luxury.”

The Supreme Court may hear Trump team arguments against de-platforming of his account by Twitter.

Many times before, the High Court affirmed First Amendment rights.

It’s crucial to do it again, ruling against de-platforming of everyone’s Twitter, Facebook, and other social media accounts, calling this action unconstitutional.

In 2019, a US Court of Appeals ruled that Trump’s account is a public forum that’s subject to First Amendment protection that prohibits blockage of its viewpoints.

Everyone deserves the same right.

Unconstitutional actions by Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to silence’s Trump’s protected speech came with a price.

Their share prices fell sharply on Wall Street, erasing millions of dollars of market valuation, perhaps further losses to come.

Their actions alienated many users.

According to Business Insider, active Facebook users declined by two million in 2020 Q III.

MarketWatch reported that FB lost an estimated 15 million users from early 2017 – early 2019. There were further declines last year.

Last July, US News & World Report said FB “has long been losing young and progressive users.” 

“Now those users have persuaded advertisers to join them.”

FB “is bleeding revenue as a growing list of companies say they’ll stop advertising on the platform as part of a boycott campaign over the social media giant’s handling of political misinformation and hate speech…”

Will the exodus increase sharply after suspending Trump indefinitely?

Will it hurt Twitter and other anti-Trump social media platforms more than already?

Disserving users is self-defeating, what these platforms did by alienating millions of Trump supporters.

Will transition of power in the US next week be positive or negative overall?

Censoring the most fundamental right of Americans and others is an ominous sign.

It’s backed by undemocratic Dems and their media press agents against Trump and his supporters.

It suggests that things ahead will deteriorate more than already.

Perhaps fundamental freedoms in the US and West will die altogether.

Censoring social media speech is likely prelude for much worse to come.

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