NYT Anti-Trump Blood Lust

NYT Anti-Trump Blood Lust

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman

The militantly hostile-to-Trump NYT since triumphing over media darling Hillary got its wish with Trump’s preordained Wednesday impeachment 2.0.

Both times for unjustifiable reasons, it remains to be seen what’s next.

Whatever follows, Trump’s tenure has scant days remaining unless removed sooner by a Senate super-majority vote before selected — not elected — Biden/Harris replace him next Wednesday.

Days earlier, Times editors demanded his impeachment and removal from office.

A litany of typical Times Big Lies and mass deception followed — defying the rule of law and constitutionally protected speech.

Falsely claiming Trump incited Capitol Hill violence last week, the Times ignored a staged coup attempt against him by US dark forces — applauding what demands condemnation.

According to TimesThink, Trump’s First Amendment right of free expression is “a crime so brazen (sic) that it demands the highest form of accountability that the legislature can deliver (sic)” — no matter how unlawful and unjustifiable.

In its latest edition, the Times — like other anti-Trump media — took a victory lap.

Claiming Trump’s Wednesday impeachment was for “ ‘incitement of insurrection’ for his role in egging on a violent mob that stormed the Capitol last week” is a bald-faced Big Lie.

His call for nonviolent “Stop the Steal” protest was polar opposite the false charge against him.

Blood lust Times editors want him “removed and disqualified from ever holding public office again” — for phony reasons, not legitimate ones left unexplained.

Once again, hostile-to-Trump, the rule of law, and the office she holds, Pelosi disgraced herself like countless times before, saying:

Dems and 10 complicit Republicans  delivered “a constitutional remedy (sic) that will ensure that the republic will be safe from this man who is so resolutely determined to tear down the things that we hold dear and that hold us together (sic).”

There’s nothing remotely lawful about what’s brazenly unconstitutional — a congressional example of witch-burning.

Continuing her unjust/mob justice tirade on the House floor, Pelosi roared:

“He (Trump) must go (sic). He is a clear and present danger to the nation that we all love (sic).”

At this time, the nation’s capital is invaded and militarized with thousands of National Guard troops — unjustifiably justified by the phony threat of insurrection.

Any further eruption in the city would highly be a follow-up anti-Trump false flag to put an exclamation point on events of January 6.

Then and on the House floor Wednesday were two of the darkest chapters in US history with highly likely worse to come for ordinary Americans ahead.

Impeaching Trump and what follows  for unjustifiable reasons is bad enough.

Events throughout 2020 that continue in the new year left the rule of law in tatters, equity and justice perhaps permanently shattered, growing tyranny replacing it that’s heading toward becoming full-blown unless challenged by freedom-loving people.

Looking ahead, analyst Doug Casey foresees the following darkness, saying:

“Whatever his (considerable) faults, the people in control of the (Dem) party are much more dangerous” than Trump. 

“To start with, they egregiously stole the US election.” There’s no ambiguity about what’s indisputable.

“The political situation guarantees chaos” ahead.

“As far as the economy (goes), the (orchestrated) Greater Depression is absolutely baked in the cake” no matter which right wing of the one-party state controls things.

“The (Dem-controlled) US will get a makeover, and America will cease to exist.”

“It’s really serious. The consequences of the Greater Depression will go far beyond a simple decline in the general standard of living.”

“The chances of a conflict with China are extremely high because when rhetoric between governments reaches a certain point, words turn into actions.” 

“As Clausewitz said, ‘war is the continuation of politics by other means.’ ”

If things turn out as Casey envisions, horrors so far will be dwarfed by what’s coming.

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