Norwegian Health Authorities Cave to Western Dark Forces and Pharma

Norwegian Health Authorities Cave to Western Dark Forces and Pharma

Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

After warning against vaxxing the elderly with hazardous mRNA/DNA altering covid vaccines in response to about two dozen deaths and numerous adverses events from their toxins, Norwegian health authorities flipped.

They yielded to heavy Western pressure to retract their sound advice.

Now saying these vaccines pose “very little risk,” they defied reality and endangered their people — permitting them to be poisoned by hazardous toxins able to cause serious longterm illnesses and deaths.

Now claiming they’re “not alarmed” reversed their earlier warning, hedging their U-turn by advising Norwegians to consult their doctor, according to Norway Today.

Norwegian Medicines Agency’s chief physician Sigurd Hortemo was quoted saying:

“(R)eports might indicate that common side effects from mRNA vaccines, such as fever and nausea, may have led to deaths in some frail patients.”

Last week, Norwegian Medicines Agency’s Dr. Steinar Madsen said “(i)f you are very frail, you should probably not be vaccinated” — accurately implying the high risk.

Elderly and frail individuals are most vulnerable to harm from covid vaccine toxins.

But so are all others to a greater or lesser degree.

The Norwegian Institute of Public Health falsely said “any side effects of the vaccine will be outweighed by a reduced risk of becoming seriously ill with COVID-19 for elderly, frail people (sic).”

Health authorities, doctors, and knowledgable scientist should explain that covid is renamed seasonal flu for which no vaccine is needed — especially not high-risk/hazardous covid ones.

Experimental, inadequately tested, genetically modifying covid vaccines should be universally banned, not approved for human use.

They’re virtually certain to cause widespread serious illnesses and deaths when used as directed — especially from repeat vaxxing that increases exposure to dangerous toxins.

Despite years of research, no safe and effective corona vaccines were ever developed.

None are available now — not Pfizer’s, Moderna’s, AstraZeneca’s, or any others.

They don’t protect and leave vaxxed individuals highly vulnerable to serious health issues near or longer-term.

According to Thailand Medical News (TMN), a fake news Pfizer study on the alleged effectiveness of its vaccine effectiveness against numerous new covid virus strains was false and misleading, TMN adding:

The company’s PR team(s) and “corrupted media probably (enlisted) unethical medical experts…to mislead the public.”

Throughout most of last year, Pfizer, Moderna, and their media press agents deceived the public by claiming their covid vaccines would be safe and effective when available for public use.

The Big Lie is repeated with disturbing reality about their now released hazardous to human health vaccines no one should touch.

TMN: Big Media falsely believed to be “reliable and credible” like the “New York Times” and its co-conspirators against truth-telling “went along” with phony Pfizer “claims.”

“Numerous experts are commenting about the misleading study and also the misleading media coverages.”

Professor of Medicine Paul Hunter debunked Pfizer’s phony claim.

So did Professor of Microbiology Ravi Gupta, both experts calling information put out by the company and its media press agents “misleading.”

Other medical and scientific experts agreed about Pfizer’s fake news.

According to TMN, while some media hire qualified experts to write about health issues, too often they hire “stupid journalist(s) who do not understand anything about medical matters and are easily bought for small sums of money by” Pharma and their PR agencies.

News consumers on all issues should be careful about “where they get their medical and health news from,” said TMN, adding:

“Stay away from most mainstream media and also American and British media as they are the most corrupted and unreliable these days.” 

“If they were that good and so reliable, we would not have so any people dying in America and United Kingdom from COVID-19.” 

“Many of these same garbage media talked about the (nonexistent) merits of remdesivir etc in terms of saving lives in the past.”

In the US, the Pharma bought and paid for CDC is pushing for mass-vaxxing of older Americans.

According to Children’s Health Defense president Lyn Redwood:

“This is so disturbing. We have this population of elderly who have the greatest risk of getting covid, and now we find out they are the ones who also have the greatest risk of death from having a fatal reaction to the vaccine.”

“We know from reports of adverse side effects in the US, these vaccines are delivering a big punch to young, healthy adults.”

“It stands to reason that those side effects, some of which are debilitating, would be far worse in the frail elderly.”

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