Germany to Detain Violators of Covid Rules

Germany to Detain Violators of Covid Rules

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

According to the German publication Bild, Berlin is converting a facility in Saxony into a “corona jail” for violators of covid quarantine rules.

On Monday, Welt am Sonntag reported that several German states may involuntarily detain repeat violators of covid quarantine rules.

Quarantine for two weeks is mandated for anyone testing positive for covid.

Ignored is that PCR tests don’t work. Virtually always when produce positive results, they’re false.

Fear-mongering claims about a spreading covid pandemic is being used as a draconian pretext for house arrest by economically destructive lockdowns and quarantines, harmful to health face masks that don’t protect, and anti-social distancing.

Ignored is that covid is renamed seasonal flu/influenza that shows up worldwide annually.

During past flu seasons from around October to May, none of today’s unacceptable practices were called for.

They cause enormous harm and nothing positive for health and well-being.

Claims otherwise by governments and their media press agents are part of a mass deception campaign to terrify populations into compliance with unacceptable practices and rules that include mass-vaxxing with hazardous vaccines to be avoided, not taken.

According to German media, self-quarantine for 10 days is mandated for anyone testing positive for covid, as well as for others entering the country from abroad, or who came in contact with someone testing positive.

Violators are subject to detention and stiff fines up to 25,000 euros.

Along with Saxony, detention facilities are being readied in  Baden-Wurttemberg, Brandenburg, and Schleswig-Holstein. 

Bavaria’s health ministry may also consider compulsory isolation and fines.

Berlin and Hamburg haven’t ruled them out.

On January 15, RT tweeted:

“Germany confirms to RT it’s building (camps) for covid dissidents.”

“It’s deemed necessary to threaten quarantine violators with a stint in covid jail.”

Virtual concentration camp detention for Germans with seasonal flu who want normality in their lives left unconstrained is unacceptably denied them.

It’s by a nation that never before threatened Germans with jail and fines for noncompliance with unacceptable house arrest during seasonal flu season before.

The mandate has ominous echoes of an earlier time under fascist rule from 1933 – 1945.

Will harshness of that era be reinstituted partially or more extensively?

Will covid rules lead to tougher crackdowns on fundamental freedoms?

Will contagion of this police state practice spread to other Western countries and elsewhere?

Will contracting a seasonal illness that’s 99.7% curable without draconian medical or other intervention be criminalized for noncompliance with unacceptable rules?

Will harmful to human health draconian policies remain in place longterm — in Germany and elsewhere?

Is pre-covid life permanently replaced by a new abnormal?

Is what’s unacceptable hard-wired in place with no return to an earlier more normal time?

Last year, New Zealand authorities threatened detention in quarantine facilities for individuals ill from covid (aka flu).

An extremist New York state official introduced legislation to involuntarily detain individuals he called “disease carriers.”

Is the worst of Orwell and Huxley now reality?

Any American believing that transition of power in Washington will improve things ahead may soon yearn for less draconian times under Trump.

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