Biden Breaks with Trump on Foreign Policy?

Biden Breaks with Trump on Foreign Policy?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Both right wings of the US war party pursue dirty business as usual continuity against invented enemies abroad and ordinary people everywhere.

The self-styled newspaper of record NYT pretends otherwise — a broadsheet serving privileged interests exclusively at the expense of peace, stability, and a nation safe and fit to live in.

Saying “Biden signal(ed) a break with Trump’s foreign policy” agenda is typical Times fake news over the real thing it long ago banned in its daily editions.

On Thursday in a wide-ranging foreign policy address, Biden’s remarks reflected no change in hardline US policies at home and abroad.

Deceptive rhetoric concealed his regime’s diabolical aims that include no change in US war on humanity worldwide.

Defying reality, the Times falsely claimed that Biden intends to diverge from Trump’s geopolitical agenda that includes no longer “rolling over in the face of Russia’s aggressive actions (sic)” that don’t exist.

Putin earlier explained that Trump regime hardliners and Congress imposed more unlawful sanctions on Russia than Washington did earlier.

As long as the Saudis are oil-rich, US support for the kingdom continues at least largely unchanged.

Biden’s campaign pledge to cease supplying arms to Riyadh was meaningless rhetoric.

In recent years, Saudi Arabia has been and continues to be the largest foreign buyer of US arms by far.

In 2019, it purchased around two-and-a-half times the amount in dollar volume more than the second leading export market for US merchants of death.

Looking ahead, there’s virtually no prospect of changing this policy by Biden hardliners.

Nor does evidence suggest that they intend halting Washington’s October 2001 war on Yemen.

The endless near two-decade war on the country and its long-suffering people was made in the USA, not Riyadh.

Times disinformation falsely claimed that Biden “revers(ed) American support for the Saudi effort that dated” from the Obama/Biden regime.

They escalated Bush/Cheney’s war on Yemen.

Its strategic location makes the country important to the US.

It’s near the Horn of Africa on Saudi Arabia’s southern border, the Red Sea, and its Bab el-Mandeb strait.

It’s a key chokepoint separating Yemen from Eritrea through which millions barrels of oil pass daily.

Yemen also borders the Gulf of Aden connection to the Indian Ocean.

All of the above is why US-led war on the country raged for nearly two decades.

On virtually all domestic and geopolitical issues mattering most, the Times and other establishment media suppress what’s most important for everyone to know.

State-approved propaganda is featured instead.

On all things domestic and geopolitical, the Biden/Harris regime is largely like its predecessor with one likely significant difference.

Throughout his time in office, Trump continued inherited wars on Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria and Iraq, along with waging all-out war by other means on numerous countries.

At the same time, he launched no new US wars, a policy Biden/Harris are likely to change.

They’ll likely continue and escalate US war on humanity at home and abroad, a frightening prospect.

All US new millennium wars continue to some degree.

Based on the history of Dem belligerence over the past century, Biden/Harris are likely to go where their predecessors went before.

The prospect of one or more new wars against invented enemies looms large — including continuation of ongoing preemptive wars by hot and other means.

Peace is an anathema notion in Washington.

Throughout the post-WW II period, the US waged hot wars against one nation after another that began by aggressively striking nonbelligerent North Korea in June 1950.

At the same time, wars by other means rage against nations unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington.

Biden’s chief “diplomat” Blinken is militantly interventionist.

The same goes for other hardliners infesting his geopolitical team.

They never met a nation free from US control they didn’t want smashed.

Their belligerent history suggests what’s likely coming ahead — endless war on humanity unjustifiably justified by invented threats because no real ones exist.

Instead of explaining the above, the Times pretends that Biden/Harris represent a break from the past toward more enlightened policies ahead.

Polar opposite is highly likely that includes greater war on humanity ahead, not reversing what’s been ongoing since the neoliberal 90s, mostly post-9/11 that greatly accelerated last year.

If Biden/Harris harden war by  other means on Russia, China, and other nations free from US control, they’ll heighten the risk of confrontation with nations able to hit back hard against aggressors.

No nation caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than the US.

None pose a greater threat to humanity’s survival.

Instead of explaining the above and sounding the alarm against what may be coming ahead, the Times and other Big Media support what demands denunciation.

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