WSJ Fake News About Radioactive Material in Iran

WSJ Fake News About Radioactive Material in Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

In cahoots with hostile to Iran Biden and Netanyahu regimes, along with pro-Western elements running the IAEA , a fake news WSJ report falsely claimed the following:

IAEA “inspectors have found new evidence of undeclared nuclear activities in Iran (sic), according to three diplomats briefed on the discovery (sic), raising new questions about the scope of the country’s atomic ambitions (sic),” adding:

“Samples taken from two sites during inspections in the fall by the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency contained traces of radioactive material (sic), the diplomats said, that could indicate Iran has undertaken work on nuclear weapons (sic), based on where it was found (sic).” 

“The diplomats said they didn’t know the exact nature of what was found.”

Iran’s legitimate nuclear program has no military component. 

No evidence now or earlier remotely suggests otherwise.

Iran long ago prohibited development and production of these WMDs.

The Islamic Republic’s nuclear program is more heavily monitored than any combination of most other countries.

Nuclear armed and dangerous USA and Israel won’t IAEA or other monitors get anywhere near their bomb development and production facilities — without a whimper from the world community or Big Media.

Nonbelligerent Iran threatens no one in stark contrast to US/NATO/Israeli war on humanity.

Annual US intelligence community assessments of world threats includes nothing about an Iranian nuclear threat because there is none. 

Unlike the US-dominated West and Israel, Iran prioritizes peace, stability, and cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

The US, NATO and Israeli wage forever wars against invented enemies, including war by other means on nonthreatening Iran.

The Journal cited Big Lies by US and Israeli hardliners.

They falsely claimed a so-called Iranian nuclear archive contains evidence of an intent to develop these weapons.

In 2018, Netanyahu presented fabricated records from a so-called secret Iranian warehouse no evidence suggests exists.

He falsely claimed they showed the existence of a covert Iranian nuclear weapons program.

No evidence backed his phony claim because there is none.

No secret Iranian nuclear weapons files exist, none seized by “Israeli spies” in an undetected earlier raid in Tehran.

Time and again before, Netanyahu’s Big Lies about Iran were exposed and debunked, including the above one.

Iran fulfills its NPT and JCPOA obligations. They prohibit development of nukes.

According to Israeli Big Lies, cited by Journal fake news, Iran “plans to rev up its nuclear weapons work again (sic).”

It’s one of many Big Lies about Iran. No Iranian nuclear program existed earlier or now. No credible evidence suggests otherwise.

Yet pushing the phony claim is one of many — media proliferated — Big Lies about Iran that won’t die.

The same is true about other nations unwilling to sell their souls to a higher power in Washington — at the expense of their sovereign rights.

In response to the fake news Journal report, Russia’s permanent representative to the International Organizations in Vienna Mikhail Ulyanov debunked it, saying:

“Diplomats are supposed to think big. Who cares about traces of radioactive material left 20 years ago” somewhere in Iran that were unrelated to nuclear weapons development.

“If some diplomats at this critical moment pay extra attention to the past, then all of us face significant problems.”

Ulyanov slammed so-called “diplomats” for failing to “differentiate between primary and secondary issues”— along with fake news claims about targeted nations.

Press TV reported that IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi and Iranian officials agreed “to further reinforce their cooperation and enhance mutual trust to facilitate” full implementation of Iran’s Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (CSA) and the Additional Protocol.

IAEA inspectors have full access to relevant Iran facilities as required by the JCPOA.

Last September, head of Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization Ali Akbar said the nuclear watchdog agency agreed not to demand access to more Islamic Republic sites than already after Tehran allowed inspections of two additional ones, adding:

“If the International Atomic Energy Organization makes a demand from Iran based on commitments, we do not have any problem to meet them.” 

“It means that the IAEA’s demands should be in line with the Safeguards Agreement or the Additional Protocol, and they should be logical, solid and substantiable.”

Iran respects the rule of law and agreements it’s party to, fulfilling its obligations as required.

In stark contrast, the US, West, and Israel can never be trusted — time and again pledging one thing, then going another way.

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