Navalny: US-Led Western Anti-Russia Tool

Navalny: A US-Led Western Anti-Russia Tool

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman

Navalny will be out of circulation until late 2023 — behind bars for breaching terms of his suspended sentence for embezzling millions of dollars.

His puppet masters in Washington and London intend continued use of their con man Judas goat, a self-serving traitor who sold his soul to the West for special benefits gotten.

On Tuesday, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said he and co-conspirators surrounding him follow orders from US-led NATO countries, adding:

“The West invested too much money and resources into” using him and his gang of hooligans to let up in their anti-Russia agenda. 

“They realize that the West-fueled information campaign will die out” if not sustained. 

“They can no longer take advantage of the (phony nerve agent poisoning hoax) without providing evidence that doesn’t exist) so they are ready to go to the limit” against Russia in other ways.

Slamming the US-dominated West, she angrily said “(t)his is what our so-called Western partners are doing.”

“They’re continuing an absolutely illegitimate, illegal, and aggressive attack on us.”

The US, UK and other Western countries are mortal enemies of Russia.

It’s high time for the Kremlin to treat them accordingly.

Pursuing diplomatic outreach achieved nothing but failure.

Nothing suggests a change in Western policy ahead.

Giving their ruling regimes a taste of their own medicine is long overdue.

Orchestrated by Washington and London, pro-Navalny rallies are likely to continue ahead after pausing to pursue other anti-Russia actions. 

The US perhaps joined by Brussels and Britain are poised to impose more unlawful sanctions on Russia.

On Monday, Blinken repeated the debunked Big Lie claim that Russia attempted to kill Navalny by poisoning him.

If Moscow wanted him dead, he’d have been eliminated long ago.

Assassinations are how the US, NATO and Israel operate.

Unlike these countries, Moscow respects the rule of law.

In recent comments, Blinken recited a litany of bald-faced Big Lies, about Russia, China, and Iran.

Remarks by him and other interventionist hardliners surrounding Biden indicate no change in US dirty business as usual at home and abroad.

RT cited polling data that showed scant support for Navalny in Russia.

Only about 5% of respondents surveyed mentioned him as a figure they trust, affirming his status as a political nobody.

A letter by pro-Navalny supporters to Joe Biden reportedly called for imposing more (unlawful) US sanctions on Russian officials.

They’re likely in the works anyway, part of longstanding US war on Russia by other means.

Similar letters reportedly were sent to leaders of EU countries and Britain.

According to Russia’s upper house Federation Council first deputy Foreign Affairs Committee chairman Vladimir Dzhabarov, what’s going on “smacks of treason,” adding:

“Can you imagine an American organization appealing to Vladimir Putin with a request to impose sanctions on the US president?”

Dzhabarov called for retaliatory steps. “There must be a strong reaction from law enforcement agencies, the Office of the Prosecutor General, and Federal Security Service (FSB).”

Last week, Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov called Navalny rent-a-mobs on streets in Russian cities “hooligans and provocateurs (engaged in) illegal actions” by clashing with police.

Dirty US/UK hands were likely all over the orchestrated rallies turned violent by design.

As for Navalny’s phony Anti-Corruption Foundation behind letter writing to US and European leaders for more sanctions on Russia, Peskov stressed:

The so-called fund “demonstrated (that it) deserves the status of a (fifth column) foreign agent.”

US Republicans and Dems are intolerant of all nations free from their control.

Longstanding policy calls for transforming them into pro-Western vassal states by whatever it takes to achieve diabolical US aims.

It’s why its ruling authorities wage endless wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

Biden/Harris are virtually sure to continue this hostile agenda on their watch.

There’s virtually no prospect that they’ll turn a page for cooperative relations with independent nations US regimes are hellbent to topple.

Looking ahead, US actions are far more likely to worsen at home and abroad than improve.

The made-in-the-USA and key European capitals Great Reset new world order threatens the health, lives and welfare of ordinary people everywhere.

What’s happening in real time will be devastating for most people if not challenged in the streets and stopped while there’s time.

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