Is Russia Poised to Challenge Hostile US/Western Policies or Continue Accepting Them?

Is Russia Poised to Challenge Hostile US/Western Policies or Continue Accepting Them?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Longstanding weak-kneed Russian Federation responses to hostile US-led NATO actions are self-defeating.

As long as its leadership fails to act against their unacceptable bullying and other mistreatment for invented reasons that are all about Moscow’s sovereign independence from the US-dominated West, the more their ruling regimes are encouraged to continue their hostile actions.

The only language they understand is toughness. Whenever Russia attempts to improve bilateral and multilateral relations, they fail.

Giving the US-dominated West a taste of its own medicine is the only effective response.

So far, it appears that Russia hasn’t gotten the message.

Will that change in dealing with a hostile Dem controlled White House and Congress or will self-defeating Russian interactions with the West continue as before?

Straightaway in office, Biden and hardliners surrounding him showed that unacceptable US war on Russia by other means continues.

Failure to address it encourages more of the same.

Last December before Biden took office, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said the following:

“We will accept any decision of the American people and will work with any” regime. 

“Of course, this can only be on the principles of honesty, mutual respect, and non-interference in (our) internal affairs.”

Washington’s agenda toward Russia and other nations free from its control was known well before unelected Biden took office.

Lavrov admitted that he’ll likely follow the unacceptable Obama regime’s agenda he was part of.

Around the same time, Deputy Russian Foreign minister Sergey 

Ryabkov said that if the incoming US regime continues waging war on Russia by other means, “we will show that this policy is leading nowhere.”

Whatever Moscow showed so far was and remains weak-kneed and ineffective, achieving nothing toward upholding the fundamental rights of the nation and its people.

After a few weeks in office, there’s no ambiguity about continuation of US war on Russia by other means.

It’s clear that there’s virtually no chance of Washington shifting things in a positive direction.

Bilateral relations are much more likely to worsen ahead.

Despite Trump’s willingness, perhaps eagerness, to improve bilateral relations with Russia, he was stymied by overwhelming opposition to going in this direction, notably by undemocratic Dems.

With them in charge of the White House and Congress, US relations with nations free from its control are highly to deteriorate more than already.

It’s testimony to how hegemonic extremists operate.

They infest Washington to the detriment of pursuing world peace, stability and cooperative relations with other nations.

Longstanding US policies are polar opposite the above standard.

During their interaction by phone, Putin’s extended olive branch to Biden was rejected by his frosty responses.

According to an unnamed Russophobe at the time, at last there’s a US president in the White House “who’ll confront Putin” — for invented reasons because legitimate ones don’t exist.

Of on the wrong foot, US bullying of Russia is highly likely to continue and worsen as long as Biden/Harris are in charge.

Later in December, Lavrov said “Russia will always put its national interests first, and it will honestly and equally settle those national interests with any other country on the basis of international law, but they won’t be overshadowed,” adding:

“Our Western colleagues (sic) are trying to deprive Russia of the right to independently determine our future.” 

“There are attempts to push regime change. They are barely hiding this at all.”

Why do Lavrov and other Russian officials refer to their US and other Western counterparts as “colleagues (and) partners” while they consider Russia an enemy of their interests and act accordingly?

Moscow supports world peace, stability, cooperative relations with other countries and the rule of law — polar opposite how the US-dominated West operates.

Their ruling regimes are hostile toward Russia for actions conflicting with their imperial aims in Syria, elsewhere in the Middle East, Belarus, Nagorno-Karabakh, the Indo-Pacific, and elsewhere.

Lavrov admitted that events in Belarus last summer and fall — that continue intermittently — were and remain US-led European efforts to try transforming the country into a pro-Western vassal state by “color revolution.”

He’s been Russia’s foreign minister since 2004, its second most popular figure after Vladimir Putin.

He largely interfaces with other nations diplomatically, occasionally showing flashes of toughness with the West.

Much more of the latter is needed by all high-level Russian officials, including Putin.

The US and West take full advantage of perceived weakness.

It’s time for Russia to prioritize treatment of the US and its imperial partners with firmness — the language they understand best.

It’ll be a welcome change if things move strongly in this direction ahead — a major disappointment if otherwise.

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