No Biden Regime Intention to Rejoin the JCPOA or Ease Maximum Pressure on Iran

No Biden Regime Intention to Rejoin the JCPOA or Ease Maximum Pressure on Iran

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Biden and hardliners directing his domestic and geopolitical policies falsely said they’ll return to JCPOA compliance and go a different way on Iran than Trump overall.

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Biden regime actions toward Iran — notably lack of anything positive — clearly show hardline continuity.

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif minced no words stating what’s clear to everyone paying attention about what’s going on and is highly unlikely to change, saying:

‘It has been a month now that the Biden (regime) has been continuing Trump’s ‘maximum pressure’ policy of lawlessness, one-upmanship, and bullying.”

“If they believe that this policy has failed and made the US lose face, then its continuation is not going to help them out…and will bring along the same failure and disgrace for them.”

Separately Zarif tweeted:

“Biden…officials keep talking about Iran’s compliance with JCPOA.

In what capacity?

US ceased participation in May 2018, violated JCPOA & punished those complying with UN resolution.

As of today, US remains in EXACTLY same position.

Before spouting off, COMPLY.”

“Seven consecutive US presidents have bet on the myth that Iran can be forced to choose between collapse & submission.”

“They all lost the wager, as 42 yrs after the Islamic Revolution, we still stand strong.”

On Wednesday, Iranian President Rouhani told German Chancellor Merkel that the only way to save the JCPOA is removal of unlawful Trump imposed sanctions, adding:

The landmark nuclear deal “has a clear framework and cannot be changed.”

“Ensuring peace and security and eradicating terrorism will only be possible with the constructive cooperation of all regional countries.”

On Wednesday, Blinken’s spokesman Price left no doubt that Biden will continue Trump’s maximum failure on Iran.

He lied about an Iranian threat that doesn’t exist and hasn’t since the Islamic Republic replaced US installed tyranny in 1979.

While unjustifiably criticizing Iran, he ignored longstanding US war on the country and its people by other means.

He said nothing about Washington’s breach of its JCPOA obligations by Trump and Biden.

He falsely accused Iran of going “beyond what the JCPOA allows in terms of limits on its nuclear programs.”

Unlike the US and E3 countries, It’s in full compliance with its provisions.

No Biden regime “path to diplomacy” with Iran exists — just implacable US hostility toward the country and its people, solely because its ruling authorities won’t sell their soul to a higher power in Washington.

Like Blinken and other Biden regime hardliners, Price lied about the threat of Iran pursuing nukes — knowing no such threat exists, no Iranian “challenge.”

US policies toward nations free from its control are all about waging forever wars by hot and/or other means to try transforming them into pro-Western vassal states.

Peace, stability and mutual cooperation with these nations, according to the rule of law, are non-starters.

That’s how the scourge of US imperialism operates — demanding everything, offering nothing in return but empty promises to be broken.

It’s why the US-dominated West can never be trusted.

A Final Comment

According to Iranian Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei thanked Russia and China “for their just position” on the JCPOA, adding:

Relations between Iran and both countries are strategically advancing at “an accelerated rate.”

“We must stand shoulder-to-shoulder with one another on all fronts: from the environment, sociology, culture, and bilateral relations, to politics, defense and security,” Ghalibaf stressed.

In stark contrast to the above, US hardliners falsely blamed Iran for a rocket attack on a US base in northern Iraq, causing one death, wounding nine others.

No evidence links Iran to the incident, but it’s being used to continue hostile Biden regime policies toward the country.

The White House and State Department jointly claimed Washington’s “right to respond at the time and place of our choosing.”

Iran will likely be targeted directly or indirectly in some way despite its noninvolvement in what happened, a Foreign Ministry statement stressing it, saying:

“Iran considers the stability and security of Iraq central to the region and its neighbors, and rejects any attempt that disturbs the peace and order of the country.” 

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