Biden to Return to JCPOA Compliance?

Biden to Return to JCPOA Compliance?

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Anything is possible ahead, what’s likely another matter entirely.

According to IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, the Biden regime “want(s) to come back (sic)” to the JCPOA (sic), adding:

“But of course…there are a number of issues that still need to be clarified.” 

“So it’s not impossible. It is difficult, but not impossible.”

So-called issues were invented by  Trump illegitimately.

Biden regime hardliners are operating from the same hostile playbook.

Ignoring Washington’s flagrant breach of Security Council Res. 2231, affirming the landmark deal, making it binding international law, Biden regime hardliners falsely blame Iran for their own lawless actions.

Since the agreement took effect on January 16, 2016, Iran has been in full compliance with its provisions.

Obama/Biden breached them straightaway. Trump employed the nuclear option by lawlessly abandoning the agreement — based on Big Lies and mass deception.

The Biden/Harris regime remains in breach of its obligations as well by making unacceptable demands, refusing to comply with its international law obligations, and falsely blaming Iran for its own violations.

Grossi is wrong. Biden’s hardline geopolitical team has no intention of returning to the JCPOA as adopted by SC Res. 2231.

Blinken and co-conspirators want it unacceptably hardened, notably wanting Iran’s legitimate missile program weakened — to leave the country more vulnerable to foreign aggression.

What they demand, no responsible leadership would agree to, nor should they.

Nonbelligerent Iran is a good neighbor. It prioritizes cooperative relations with other nations, confrontation with none.

Its geopolitical agenda is polar opposite how Washington and its imperial partners operate on the world stage — waging endless wars by hot and/or other means on invented enemies.

No real ones exist — not Iran, China, Russia or any others.

Refusal by Biden regime hardliners to lift illegally imposed sanctions on Iran for invented reasons leaves the current impasse in place.

On Wednesday, Iran’s national security chief Ali Ahamkhani tweeted the following:

“Nothing will happen unless the #UnitedStates takes effective actions to lift the oppressive #sanctions.” 

“The current stalemate is not tactical and domestic, but related to the West’s deceptive strategy. #DecisiveWord.”

Like his predecessor, Biden shows no intention of lifting lawlessly imposed sanctions on Iran — no intention of fulfilling Washington’s international obligations.

As long as the status quo remains unchanged, what appears highly likely ahead, the JCPOA is effectively dissolved.

Bilateral relations are deteriorating  further, not improving.

The prospect of Biden regime hardliners softening their policies toward Iran is virtually nil.

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