Iran’s Zarif on US-Led Western Malign Behavior

Iran’s Zarif on US-Led Western Malign Behavior

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US and its imperial partners in high crimes of war and against humanity represent an unparalleled threat to humanity.

On March 16, the 33rd anniversary of Saddam Hussein’s mass slaughter of thousands of Iraqi Kurdish civilians in Halabja with chemical weapons supplied by the US and other Western countries, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif tweeted the following:

“March 16 is the 33rd anniversary of the chemical carnage in #Halabja.

Some care not to remember—those in the west who provided Saddam with the deadly chemicals.

Over 5,000 innocent civilians were gassed to death.

Still want to talk about ‘malign regional behavior?’


Thousands more Iraqi Kurds suffered debilitating injuries from the CW assault, including cancer, other diseases and birth defects in offspring.

Zarif earlier said that Iran and Iraqi Kurds will never forget or forgive the duplicitous West for supplying Saddam with WMDs to slaughter Iraqi Kurds and Iranians during years US-instigated and supported war in the 1980s, adding:

“First (the US-led West) denied” CW attacks in Halabja, Sardasht and elsewhere happened.

“Then they (falsely) blamed Iran.”

“When it was clear it was their own ally (Saddam), using their own chemical weapons, they were silent.” 

“The West may like to forget about horrors (committed) but neither we nor our Kurdish brethren, ever will.”

With Western supplied CWs, Saddam’s warplanes terror-bombed Iraqi Kurds and Iranians with deadly nerve agents, mustard gas, and other CWs.

In March 2020, Iran’s Consul General in Sulaymaniyah Mehdi Shoushtari said the following:

The “criminal” attack on Halabja in northern Iraq against civilians, “using chemical weapons manufactured by certain Western countries, which make claims about defending human rights, was one of the biggest anti-human tragedies,” adding:

“The Islamic Republic of Iran fulfilled its Islamic and humanitarian duty in this respect and supported the people of Halabja.” 

“These supports continued in different periods of time during history such as fighting terrorism and extremism.”

On Tuesday, Iranian Defense Minister General Amir Hatami stressed the following, mindful of the Halabja incident and Saddam’s use of CWs against Iran in the 1980s, saying:

“We should be prepared to defend our nation against all threats and whatever the enemy may one day use as an offensive tool, including chemical, nuclear and biological weapons,” adding:

“Our nation should know that it has a vigilant and smart (to protect the nations from possible attacks by) enemies” that threaten the nation and its people. 

During US-supported Iraqi war on Iran in the 1980s, thousands of Iranians were killed or greatly harmed by Saddam’s use of CWs, Hatami explained, adding:

To this day, around 100,000 Iranians still suffer from harm caused by these attacks, including disabling diseases.

Separately, Zarif slammed Britain’s Boris Johnson regime for intending to increase its Trident submarine nuclear warhead stockpile by over 40%.

According to a defense and foreign policy document seen by the London Guardian, Britain will spend 10 billion pounds for increased numbers of nukes “in response to perceived threats from Russia and China” that don’t exist — nor from any other countries.

Yet the Johnson regime falsely claimed “that a terrorist group will ‘launch a successful CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear) attack by 2030 (sic).’ ”

No evidence was presented to suggest the possibility because there is none.

Yet the document dubiously adds that the planned increase of warheads is “in recognition of the evolving security environment (sic)” that includes a “developing range of technological and doctrinal threats (sic).”

In response to the above announcement, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament’s Kate Hudson warned of a “new nuclear arms race,” adding:

“(W)e don’t need grandiose, money-wasting spending on weapons of mass destruction” — at the expense of world peace and vital homeland needs gone begging.

Scottish National party official Stewart McDonald slammed the announced plan, saying:

“For the prime minister to stand up and champion the international rules-based system before announcing in the same breath that the UK plans to violate its commitments to the international treaty on non-proliferation beggars belief.”

On Tuesday, Zarif slammed the announced plan, tweeting:

“In utter hypocrisy, Boris Johnson is ‘concerned about Iran developing a viable nuclear weapon (sic).’ ” 

“On the very same day he announces his country will increase its stockpile of nukes.” 

“Unlike the UK and allies, Iran believes nukes and all WMDs are barbaric & must be eradicated.”

In stark contrast to nonbelligerent, nonthreatening Iran — a nation without nukes, no intention to develop them, and wanting them eliminated — the US, Britain, and their imperial allies risk global war.

Militantly hostile toward Iran and other nations free from Western control, they risk destruction of planet earth by their diabolical aim to control it.

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