Rising Tensions in Eastrn Ukraine

Rising Tensions in Eastern Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman (stephenlendman.org – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Is US-installed puppet rule in Kiev planning to resume aggression on Donbass along Russia’s border?

On March 4, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed concern about “growing tensions along the line of contact,” adding:

“We take note of more shelling of the Donbass territory by the Ukrainian armed forces or various units that Ukraine has close to the line of contact.” 

“We take note of the Ukrainian military servicemen entering those zones where they should not be after the end of the disengagement.”

“We analyze the situation carefully. We hope that the Ukrainian leadership will be able to keep these units, which are either the regular army or something else, from further acts of provocation and from escalating tensions.” 

“We hope that Ukraine will remain committed to the agreements that have been reached within the Contact Group, will remain committed to the Ukrainian head of state’s signature under the Minsk Package of Measures.”

According to Russia’s Contact Group envoy Boris Gryzlov, the US-installed puppet regime in Kiev breached most security guarantees agreed on.

It’s provoking renewed fighting in Donbass.

Citing observers on the ground, Ukrainian forces increased shelling on Donbass.

Large numbers of troops and heavy equipment were deployed to the area.

Gryzlov stressed that Russia expects its Normandy partners Germany, France and Ukraine to avoid conflict escalation along the line of contact, adding:

“Right now, we document attacks from the side of Ukraine more and more often, and the most important thing here is that everyone uses their influence to avoid the resumption of a full-fledged civil war in Ukraine.”

If Kiev troops cross the line of control into Donbass — a red line — “resumption of full-fledged military activity may follow.”

On March 12, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova “warned the Kiev regime and the hotheads that are serving it or manipulating it against further de-escalation and attempts to implement a forceful scenario in Donbass,” adding:

Hostile Ukrainian regime rhetoric “give(s) reason to think about the true intentions of Kiev” at this time.

“Once again, we call (Kiev) to stop coming up with some new agreements, new documents, and to finally start duly adhering to its obligations under the Minsk Agreements” the regime breached since agreed on.

“At the same time, Kiev is trying to convince everyone that Moscow is allegedly a conflict side and that it allegedly has some obligations within the Minsk Package of Measures.”

“The unwillingness of Ukrainian negotiators to recognize (Minsk conflict resolution principles) and their refusal to find agreements with Donbass is the reason that hinders the establishment of long-lasting peace in the region.”

Are Biden regime hardliners pushing Kiev to escalate conflict in Donbass?

Will escalating crisis conditions in Kiev combined with President Zelensky’s fall from grace in terms sharply lower public approval become pretexts for changing the subject by escalating conflict in Donbass?

If large numbers of Ukrainian soldiers come home in body bags, it could be a coup de grace to his tenure.

Donbass freedom fighters in Donetsk and Lugansk smashed Ukrainian forces earlier.

Kiev’s military is filled with unhappy conscripts who want to be home with family, not engaged in conflict with breakaway Ukrainians in the country’s east for refusing to accept fascist rule.

While going all out to reduce tensions and prevent escalated war along its border, Russia is a wild card.

To protect its national security, it could intervene to prevent conflict from spinning out of control if erupts and possibly spilling cross-border.

A Final Comment

Zakharova commented on Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba’s so-called “pillars” for “returning” Crimea and Sevastopol to Kiev control, saying:

“(I)t is impossible to stand for a long time on such shaky ‘pillars.’ ” 

“No ‘strategies’ for working covertly against Crimea’s residents, including sanctions and the water-supply blockade, can win back their trust.”

“No ‘platforms’ for discussing Kiev’s ‘phantom pains’ with other countries will convince the people of Crimea to change their decision” to rejoin Russia in 2014.

“No discussions of alleged violations of international standards will abolish their legitimate right to self-determination.”

“ Kiev’s efforts to return Crimea to Ukraine are illegitimate and cannot be perceived as anything other than a threat of aggression against two regions of the Russian Federation.”

Zakharova also stressed how the US installed puppet regime in Kiev “shamelessly trample(s) upon international law with the support of their Western handlers.”

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