AIPAC Aims to Kill the JCPOA

AIPAC Aims to Kill the JCPOA

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In its current form, the JCPOA is virtually dissolved.

AIPAC wants a stake driven into its heart to prevent resurrection.

The unregistered Israeli foreign agent — operating in violation of the US Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) — is militantly hostile toward all things Iran, wanting the nation undermined, its sovereignty eliminated, its territory balkanized to destroy its identity and freedom of its people.

Like Israel and most everyone in Washington, it pushes the false reality of an Iranian nuclear threat.

The world community of nations knows that its legitimate nuclear program has no military component.

No evidence suggests an intention to develop nukes its ruling authorities abhor and want eliminated everywhere, notably in belligerent USA, NATO and Israel.

Like other Iranophobes, AIPAC consistently and repeatedly lies about the Islamic Republic.

Time and again, it falsely calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism (and) greatest longterm threat to US and Israeli interests in the Middle East (sic). 

On all things related to the region, the above accusations apply to the US, NATO, Israel and their imperial partners — not Iran.

While maintaining the myth of an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn’t exist, AIPAC is stone silent about nuclear armed and dangerous Israel — the only regional nation with these weapons and intent to use them at its discretion.

No Iranian “aggression” exists — a US, NATO, Israeli specialty, along with their belligerent partners, supported by AIPAC, operating as a press agent for hostile Jewish state actions and interests.

AIPAC and Netanyahu long ago aimed to eliminate the JCPOA.

The Jewish state and key US lobby want their anti-Iran interests prioritized by Congress and the White House.

Inventing its own false reality, AIPAC lied, calling freedom fighting Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units, Syrian forces involved in combatting the scourge of US-supported jihadists, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, and Gazans yearning to breathe free from Israel’s suffocating blockade anti-Israel “terrorist proxies (sic).”

Weeks earlier, scores of hostile-to-Iran Republicans and Dems addressed the Biden regime by letter, saying:

“It is critically important that you do not” rejoin the JCPOA in its Security Council Res. 2231 affirmed form (sic), adding:

“It’s not a pathway to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon (sic). 

“It is a blueprint for exactly how Iran can secure massive sums of money and obtain a nuclear weapon in short order (sic).”

“Compounding the threat, this approach turns a blind eye to Iran’s non-nuclear destabilizing activities throughout the world, such as its support for international terrorism (sic) and continued development of its ballistic missile arsenal (sic).”

The above rubbish and lots more like it in the congressional letter — along with hostile to Iran legislation and illegal sanctions based on Big Lies — shows that a state of US undeclared war on Iran by other means won’t likely end as long as it’s free from Washington’s hegemonic control.

AIPAC is going all-out to enlist greater congressional support for the hostile-to-Iran letter, what it’s virtually certain to get.

According to National Iranian American Council (NIAC) senior research analyst Sina Toossi, Senate Foreign Relations Committee chairman Bob Menendez and GOP member Lindsey Graham are Iranophobic “regime change ideologues.”

Biden regime hardliners in charge of foreign policy are consulting with Congress and Israel on hostile-to-Iran actions they’re pursuing.

Menendez and Graham are circulating a follow-up letter that opposes engaging with Iran diplomatically.

Dominant Iranophobes on both sides of the isle want Biden regime policy toward Iran toughened — along with no return to the JCPOA unless hardened with demands no responsible leadership in Tehran would accept.

According to Responsible Statecraft managing editor Ben Armbruster, Graham and other hardliners like him want Iran to “capitulate to every American demand or face the wrath of its military.”

While US hot war is unlikely on nations able to hit back hard against aggressors — like Iran —  it’s possible by accident or design because dominant hardliners in Washington want all nations subservient to their interests.

Iran justifiably rejects changes to the JCPOA and demands by the US to bend to its will.

Looking ahead, Trump regime maximum pressure on Iran is more likely to be hardened by Biden than softened to improve bilateral relations.

As for the JCPOA, it’s virtually dissolved with little chance of breathing new life into the landmark deal as affirmed by Security Council members.

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