Covid Jabs Risk Serious Illnesses or Death

Covid Jabs Risk Serious Illnesses or Death

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Evidence of hazardous to health covid mass-jabbing mounts.

No one valuing their health should go near them.

The risk of serious adverse events or death is ignored and suppressed in the West, including by establishment media.

The greatest risks to health and well-being are longer-term.

Vaccines notoriously cause diseases they’re supposed to protect against.

The risk developing numerous other serious ones long after being jabbed is high.

Noted vaccine expert Viera Scheibner calls vaccines biological weapons. 

She explained that they can damage internal organs and leave children or adults vulnerable to severe autoimmune diseases – including diabetes, arthritis, hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, polio and numerous others.

“There is no evidence whatsoever of the ability of vaccines to prevent any diseases,” she stressed.

“To the contrary, there is a great wealth of evidence that they cause serious side effects,” harming human health.

All of the above is suppressed in the US, West, and most other countries.

AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson entries into the covid mass-jabbing sweepstakes are as hazardous to health as Pfizer/Moderna mRNA drugs.

All of the above and others in the wings to be introduced are unapproved, experimental, high-risk drugs to reject, not permit being jabbed into our bodies.

After the European Medicines Agency (EMA) OK’d resumption of mass-jabbing with AstraZeneca’s experimental vaccine, Norway and other Scandinavian countries continued their own probes after serious blood clotting occurred. 

Four Norwegians died after one AZ jab. Many others experienced serious side effects.

According to infection control director at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health Frode Forland, AZ jabs caused “very serious” adverse events.

A University of Tromso study discovered a likely link between AZ’s covid vaccine and serious side effects from a coagulation disorder that causes blood clotting and a low platelet count that can cause hemorrhaging. 

Oslo University Hospital’s chief physician Pal Andre Holme said his team identified AZ vaccine antibodies that can cause blood clots, explaining:

“Our theory is that this is a strong immune response that most likely comes after the vaccine.”

“There is no other thing than the vaccine that can explain this immune response.” 

According to Association for General Practice chairwoman Marte Kvittum, Norwegian public opinion about AZ’s vaccine is negative.

University of Oslo vaccine researcher Gunnveig Grodeland believes it’s unlikely that mass-jabbing with AZ’s experimental drug will resume in Norway.

German researchers at the Greifswald teaching hospital said blood clotting from AZ’s covid vaccine can cause thrombosis of the brain.

Like other Pharma press agent media, the NYT touted use of AZ’s experimental covid vaccine, calling it safe and effective — a shameless perversion of reality.

In its latest edition, the Times partly retracted its claim as follows, saying:

“US health officials question results from AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial, less than a day after they came out,” adding:

The company’s US trials may have used “outdated information (that) may have provided an incomplete view of the efficacy data.”

The above information comes from a US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) statement.

AZ apparently massaged data from US trials to conceal hazards its vaccine poses.

Claims by the company of its safety and effectiveness are greatly exaggerated.

What’s true about AZ’s covid vaccine applies to other experimental, high-risk drugs being mass-jabbed into millions of Americans, Europeans, and individuals elsewhere.

They’re unwittingly risking serious harm to their health.

On March 22, Health Impact News reported that “people are dying (from) Johnson & Johnson’s covid injections.”

Mass casualties followed widespread use of Pfizer/Moderna experimental mRNA drugs.

Israelis have a choice. Be jabbed with hazardous to health drugs or be left behind — denied free movement and access to public places.

A group of Israeli Jews — comprised of doctors, lawyers, and concerned citizens — are suing the repressive Netanyahu regime in the International Criminal Court for violating the Nuremberg Code’s prohibition against medical experiments, a statement saying:

“When the heads of the Ministry of Health as well as the prime minister presented the vaccine in Israel and began the vaccination of Israeli residents, the vaccinated were not advised, that, in practice, they are taking part in a medical experiment and that their consent is required for this under the Nuremberg Code.”

The ICC agreed to hear the complaint and rule on it.

Policies similar to what Israel adopted may follow in the US and West overall.

If adopted, they’ll force millions more people than already to self-inflict harm or be denied access to public places.

The policy will elevate draconian police state harshness to an unthinkable higher level that may be commonplace in the West in the coming months.

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