Sino/Russian Criticism of Hostile US Actions

Sino/Russian Criticism of Hostile US Actions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

In Beijing with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Wang slammed what they called the negative impact on global peace by hostile US-led Western actions.

Expecting nothing positive like virtually always before, they urged the Biden regime to cease its bullying in cahoots with imperial partners.

Stop interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, they stressed.

What’s prohibited by the UN Charter and other international law is longstanding US-led Western policy against invented enemies like China and Russia.

Lavrov accused Washington of a “complete incapacity to negotiate.”

Jointly with Wang, Lavrov called on the Biden regime to return to JCPOA compliance unconditionally, their remark falling on deaf ears in Washington.

They proposed the establishment of a regional dialogue platform for resolving security and other concerns of Indo/Pacific nations.

International affairs expert Yang Cheng said Lavrov’s visit “shows the consistency of the tradition of Beijing and Moscow to update each other” on issues of mutual concern, adding:

Bilateral collaboration displays their strategic mutual trust at a time of US-led Western war on invented enemies.

Lavrov slammed unacceptable US-led sanctions war, a policy with no legitimacy, saying:

Unlawful sanctions are the “main tool” used by the US and West against Russia, China, and other nations free from their control.

US-led Western countries “lost the skill of classical diplomacy.”

Nothing good ever comes from sanctions.

Russia will negotiate in good faith with all nations willing to act in the same way. 

China’s policy is much the same. The US-dominated West has other ideas.

Seeking control over other nations, diplomacy is off the table.

Russia’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov noted that bilateral relations are in tatters.

They’re markedly worse since Biden replaced Trump.

US hostile actions against Russia and China risk breaching relations altogether.

According to deputy chief of Russia’s Security Council Dmitry Medvedev:

Relations with the US “are likely to remain extremely cold in the coming years.”

“And right now we do not expect anything but the continuation of a tough anti-Russian policy.”

“Russia, on the contrary, is ready to work with any US president, ready to restore cooperation in a wide range of areas.”

Expecting nothing positive from Biden regime hardliners, Medvedev added:

“We expect it is highly likely that the United States will consistently pursue an anti-Russian policy.” 

“In recent years, the trajectory of relations between Washington and Moscow has been steadily going downhill, no matter who was at the helm in the White House.”

“There was indeed some hope of reversing the negative dynamics during the Trump presidency.” 

“In 2016, it seemed that relations between the two countries could not be any worse than those under Obama.”

“However, the following years have dispelled this illusion.” 

“The Trump (regime) consistently strengthened the systemic confrontation between Washington and Moscow, continued its sanctions policy against our country wishing, inter alia, to force it out of the energy markets, and reduced our diplomatic contacts to a minimum.” 

“And this was done against the background of Trump constantly speaking about the desire to ‘get along with Russia.’ ” 

“His words did not matter much, however, as numerous restrictive measures in the Congress were supported by both Democrats and Republicans.”

Biden regime hardliners showed they intend to be tougher on Russia than their predecessors.

Similar toughness is highly likely against China, Iran, and other nations free from US control.

The notion of improved relations with these nations is virtually nil.

Washington’s war on humanity by hot and/or other means rages with no prospect of turning a page for peace and cooperative relations with nations free from its control.

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