Blinken at NATO

Blinken at NATO

by Stephen Lendman – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Operating as a US imperial tool, NATO is an extension of the Pentagon’s war machine.

The late anti-imperialist/Nobel laureate Harold Pinter long ago called “barbaric” US terror-bombing a “brutal assertion of (its) power, using NATO as its missile” to control other nations through brute force.

NATO is a US controlled alliance for warmaking — at a time when its enemies are invented. No real ones exist.

It wages US wars OF terror, not on it, using ISIS and likeminded jihadists as proxy foot soldiers.

General Secretary of Britain’s Communist Party Robert Griffiths once said the following:

NATO is a “global military (alliance)  to support US, British and western European big business interests, especially energy, financial and armaments monopolies.”

“What began “as a cold war provocation against a non-existent Soviet threat (now) invent(s) or exaggerat(es) threats from so-called failed or rogue states, Islamic fundamentalism and cyber-terrorism.”

The alliance represents a bonanza for Western merchants of death and mass destruction. It’s an obstacle to achieving world peace.

On NATO’s 60 anniversary in April 2009, a Strasbourg, France alliance of peace groups, global justice movements, trade unions, students, and others against NATO’s aggression said the following:

NATO “is a vehicle for US-led use of force with military bases on all continents, bypassing the United Nations and the system of international law, accelerating militarization and escalating arms expenditures.”

Its member states wage endless wars on invented enemies.

Former Stop NATO editor Rick Rozoff now posts essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts on his website for peace, against war.

Earlier he called NATO “the first attempt in history to establish an aggressive global military formation” on five continents.

He described his former Stop NATO website as “anti-militarist, international and internationalist” — survival its aim. 

NATO wars are America’s in pursuit of controlling planet earth, its resources and populations.

Long ago, Russia’s Sergey Lavrov said the following:

After the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact dissolved, “a real opportunity emerged to make the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) a full-fledged organization providing equal security for all states of the Euro-Atlantic area.” 

“However, the opportunity was missed, because the choice was made in favor” of expanding NATO eastward, threatening Russia, its allies, and world peace.

At NATO headquarters in Brussels on Tuesday, Blinken defied reality in calling the warmaking alliance “the cornerstone of peace, prosperity, stability for the transatlantic community, for more than 70 years (sic),” adding:

He came to Brussels to “revitalize the alliance to make sure it’s as strong and effective against the threats of today as it has been in the past (sic)” — at a time when alleged threats are invented, not real.

As expected, Blinken falsely accused Russia of “aggression” — how US-dominated NATO operates, not Moscow.

So-called alliance “collective security” is all about smashing nations to control them, invented enemies, not real ones. 

It’s also about waging war by other means on independent nations unwilling to sacrifice their sovereign rights to a higher power in Washington.

Asked about US plans for Afghanistan, Blinken failed to explain that Washington plans permanent occupation.

It’s using the country as part of a plan to encircle Russia and China with US military bases.

It wants oil and gas pipelines built across its territory.

It seeks to plunder the country’s vast resources. Perhaps worth trillions of dollars, it’s a prize corporate America covets.

The above is what nearly two decade of endless war and occupation are all about.

Unrelated to winning, it’s about controlling as much of Afghan territory as possible under pro-Western/US installed puppet rule.

According to Blinken, withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan by May 1 is virtually off the table.

Defying reality, Blinken added that the Biden regime “seek(s) to bring a responsible end to this conflict (sic) and to remove our troops from harm’s way just as we are collectively determined to ensure that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for terrorists who could threaten the United States or our allies (sic).”

No Afghan threats existed when Bush/Cheney launched preemptive war on the country, none now.

Asked about his meeting with German Foreign Minister Heiko Mass on Russia’s Nord Stream II pipeline to supply low-cost gas to Germany and other European countries, Blinken failed to achieve German compliance to Washington aim to block completion of its construction.

US installed NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg said the alliance has no consensus on this issue.

Germany wants it completed to have access to plentiful low-cost Russian natural gas it considers essential for its energy security.

According to Blinken — repeating the invented Trump regime’s  position — Nord Stream II “is a bad idea (sic), bad for Europe (sic), bad for the US (sic). Ultimately it is in contradiction to the EU’s own security goals (sic).”

“It has the potential to undermine the interests of Ukraine, Poland and a number of close partners and allies (sic).”

US opposition to the project is all about wanting to maximize exports of expensive US LNG by minimizing the supply of low-cost Russian natural gas to European countries.

Last week, Russia’s Washington embassy warned that hostile Biden regime actions threaten to “driv(e) bilateral cooperation to a dead end,” adding:

“(R)eckless statements of US senior officials pose a threat of utter collapse to bilateral relations, which are already excessively confrontational.”

On Monday, Sergey Lavrov said virtually no Russian relations with the EU exist.

His remark applies to the US. Whatever greatly eroded bilateral relations existed during Trump’s tenure are gone — destroyed by Biden regime hardliners.

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