Russia and China to Counter Hostile US/EU Actions

Russia and China to Counter Hostile US/EU Actions

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

The US and key Western imperial partners pose an unparalleled threat to everyone everywhere.

Their hostile agenda threatens endless wars by hot and/or other means.

It also aims to create a permanent new abnormal in Western and other countries that’s all about wanting free and open societies transformed into unacceptable ruler/serf ones.

Below is what Russian and Chinese media are reporting on how their countries may respond to hostile US-led actions toward them.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta said Putin and China’s Xi Jinping will respond jointly to US/EU war on their countries by other means.

Lavrov came to China this week to boost bilateral coordination in response to hostile US-led Western actions against their countries.

Russia is unwilling to formally break with the US — what’s needed to deliver a message understood in its halls of power, showing strength, not weaknes.

According to China’s Global Times, longstanding US policy calls for transforming China and Russia into pro-Western vassal states.

That’s why it’s important for them to cooperatively counter its hostility, in Brussels and Britain tagging along as imperial partners.

According to Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Far Eastern Studies director Alexey Maslov:

“China can see that Biden’s policy will be tougher than that of Trump.” 

“China had hopes that Biden would act more reasonably than Trump but these hopes have been dashed, so China is trying to find other ways to strengthen its position.” 

It’s coordinating its actions with Russia.

Izvestia stressed that Moscow needs to react firmly in response to unacceptable EU sanctions.

Russia views Western sanctions as a “new normal” way of operating.

According to Russia’s lower house state Duma Foreign Affairs Committee first deputy chairman Dmitry Novikov:

US-led Western actions aim “to impose devastating sanctions on Russia. This why pressure will mount.”

Valdai Discussion Club Program Director Ivan Timofeev said “(t)hey don’t harm the economy much.”

“It’s more like a signaling gesture and an attempt to harm certain individuals that leads to political complications.”

At the same time, it’s essential for Russia to react, he stressed.

“One option is to give a symbolic response.” 

“For instance, Russia introduces visa restrictions but refrains from crucial financial ones.” 

“The question is whether to stop there or go further.”

Failure to respond firmly to US/EU sanctions reflects weakness.

It encourages greater harshness. Russia and China need to respond to the US dominated West in the only language their ruling authorities understand.

Diplomatic outreach is a waste of time, failing whenever this approach is taken.

Operating as virtual US colonies, European countries ally with its war on humanity, notably against Russia, China and Iran.

Hegemon USA doesn’t negotiate. It demands that other nations bend to its will, refusniks targeted for regime change.

According to China’s Xinhua on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Wang Yi and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov “reach(ed) strategic consensus (on) safeguard(ing) their legitimate rights and common interests” at a time of hostile US-led actions against both countries.

Lavrov added that “Russia is willing to work with China to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state, maintain close high-level exchanges, make preparations for the extension of the Russia-China Treaty of Good-neighborliness and Friendly Cooperation, and take the bilateral relationship to a higher level.”

Given greater US/EU hostility toward Russia and China, causing heightened “international political turbulence,” both countries called for a summit of permanent Security Council members to try altering the current course in pursuit of global stability.

Their best efforts aren’t likely to shift things toward more constructive East/West relations — steadily worsening with no signs of improving.

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