Sino/Iranian Ties Challenge Biden Regime War on Tehran by Other Means

Sino/Iranian Ties Challenge Biden Regime War on Tehran by Other Means

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Ignore US rhetoric. Follow its actions.

Washington has been militantly hostile toward Iran since its liberating 1979 revolution.

Longstanding US policy aims to restore control over the country, its resources and people.

Chances for improved bilateral relations are virtually nil.

It’s clear from hostile Biden regime policies toward Iran, its refusal to rejoin the JCPOA as adopted by Security Council Res. 2231, its continuation of Trump’s maximum pressure, its unwillingness to lift illegally imposed sanctions.

Both right wings of the US war party want Iran’s economy crushed, its people suffocated into submission to their will.

Days earlier, an unnamed Biden regime official threatened China for buying Iranian oil, its legitimate right, Tehran’s right to sell it unabstructed.

The Financial Times reported that “Iranian oil exports to China have been increasing for some time now,” according to the unnamed Biden regime official, adding:

“We’ve told the Chinese that we will continue to enforce our sanctions. There will be no tacit green light.” 

In 2019, the Trump regime imposed so-called “secondary sanctions” on China’s state-run energy company and tanker firms involved in legally transporting Iranian crude.

According to energy research company Kpler, China imported about 478,000 barrels of oil on average daily from Iran in February.

Oil reported that China is “stocking up on (Iranian) oil,” adding:

“The recent import volumes are so massive that certain Chinese ports are clogged up with ships carrying oil from Iran.”

Both countries are allied economically, politically, and against US imperial wars by hot and other means.

Oil analyst Kevin Wright estimates that Chinese imports of Iranian crude in March will be about 856,000 barrels per day — discounted by $3 to $5 per barrel compared to Brent.

At a time of rising oil prices, it means greater revenue for oil exporters like Iran.

A preliminary Sino/Iranian $400 billion strategic agreement for the next 25 years will be greatly beneficial to both countries. 

In return for giving China preferential access to Iranian oil and gas, Tehran is getting an economic lifeline from Beijing, greatly weakening the impact of illegally imposed US sanctions.

On all things Iran, Biden regime hardliners operate much the same as their predecessors.

Ties to China greatly weaken US war on the Islamic Republic that’s certain to continue and perhaps harden ahead.

Whatever US officials say, time and again they prove untrustworthy.

By increasing ties to China, Iran is defeating US hegemonic aims partly by circumventing its hostile policies.

Separately, former IRGC commander Mohsen Razaei believes that “the only way” for illegally imposed US sanctions to be lifted is by Iran “increas(ing) uranium enrichment to 60%.”

Otherwise, Biden may never lift them.

The US turns a blind eye and a deaf ear to good faith diplomatic outreach and reason.

Toughness alone gets its attention. Softness is counterproductive.

Iran must make the US pay a stiff price for refusing to observe its international obligations.

At this time, things are at impasse and are highly likely to stay this way or worsen without Iran upping the stakes.

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