Covid Mass-Jabbing Adverse Events too Widespread and Serious to Ignore

Covid Mass-Jabbing Adverse Events too Widespread and Serious to Ignore

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Establishment media are part of a Western government/Pharma conspiracy to suppress widespread serious illnesses and deaths from covid jabbing.

How many alternative media reports like the following are too many?

People are dying from J & J’s experimental covid jabs.

27-year old nurse in good health dies one day after jabbed with AstraZeneca’s experimental covid vaccine.

A day after the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) accused AstraZeneca of using “outdated information (that) may have provided an incomplete view of (its covid vaccine’s) efficacy data” — likely to conceal its hazards, the NYT reported the following:

“The most important thing to know about AstraZeneca’s (covid) vaccine is that it’s safe and it works (sic).”

The “most important thing to know” is that the above fake news claim is a bald-faced Big Lie about a hazardous to health experimental drug to avoid, not use as directed.

The Times piece reads like a company press release. 

It’s typical Times misinformation and disinformation on vital domestic and geopolitical issues.

Nothing it reports can be accepted at face value. Its reporting on all things covid since early last year has been and continues to be an exercise in mass deception.

Across Europe and the US, nursing home residents are becoming seriously ill or dying from covid jabs.

Countless numbers of people jabbed for covid are testing positive for the illness.

Vaccines are notoriously responsible for causing diseases they’re supposed to protect against.

The injury and death toll from covid jabbing is rising exponentially.

What’s vital to know about hazards of covid jabbing is suppressed by Western media.

Bill Gates’ Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations (GAVI) is a diabolical scheme to mass-jab billions of people with hazardous drugs.

According to scientific research expert/WHO insider Astrid Stuckelberger, the organization serves the financial interests of Gates’ GAVI.

Its diabolical agenda is virtually immune from criminal prosecution.

It’s free to medically defraud, coerce, or otherwise harm ordinary people worldwide.

Experimental covid vaccines and mRNA drugs are virtual bioweapons of mass destruction of health when used as directed.

Mass-jabbing with AstraZeneca’s hazardous covid vaccine was halted for days by over 20 European countries before allowed to be used again by public health authorities dismissive of the dangers it poses.

Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci — a so-called doctor who never treated a patient — and their co-conspirators are virtual weapons of mass destruction.

The latest from Pandemic News is as follows:

“Two (healthy) Danes suffer from brain hemorrhage after getting AstraZeneca (covid) jab.”

“CDC ignores inquiry into increasing number of deaths, injuries reported after” jabbing for covid.

Covid “is code for eliminating masculinity and advancing feminism…next ‘treatment’ involves injecting men with female hormones.”

German researchers “discovered how AstraZeneca’s (covid) vaccine could cause blood clots that could lead to rare thrombosis in the brain.”

Covid jabs risk cognitive decline.

Lockdowns caused mental trauma and “excess deaths.”

Daily alternative media reports like the above are ignored by pro-Pharma, pro-mass jabbing toxins into the bodies of unwitting people, anti-public health and well-being establishment media.

It shows in public opinion polling.

Most people are unaware of the hazards of experimental covid drugs.

Most people were fooled to believe what risks serious harm to health or death is beneficial.

Manipulating the public mind is achieved by endless repetition and suppressing vital truths.

We’re being mass-manipulated and deceived by the state-sponsored/media supported mother of all public health scams.

Going along with rubbish featured daily may seriously harm health straightaway or later on.

We’re on our own to protect and preserve what diabolical dark forces in the West and their media press agents want irreversibly destroyed.

Ignore them to stay well and safe.

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