Media Coverup of Biden’s Cognitive Impairment

Media Coverup of Biden’s Cognitive Impairment

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Instead of reporting accurately about the charade of Biden’s first presser — a painful to watch embarrassing performance by his double — establishment media largely pretending otherwise.

Covering up and denying reality, the lying machine NYT ignored the pathetic Q & A session.

Pro-Dem/Biden friendly reporters allowed to attend the presser lobbed softball questions to Biden’s double, a figure representing him in nearly all public appearances. 

He still managed to fumble and stumble in trying to answer coherently, what he failed to do.

The Times pretended that the hour-long presser proceeded normally with deceptive remarks like the following:

Biden “entered the presidency with more than his usual amount of discipline about his message (sic).” 

“(H)is decision to finally face reporters in a more formal way — a White House tradition for decades — was a test of his ability to maintain that discipline under pressure (sic).”

Failing the test in embarrassing fashion was ignored by the Times, adding:

In the White House “East Room, (Biden) offered detailed answers across a range of topics (sic).”

His impersonator largely displayed ignorance about softball questions asked.

Holding his feet to the fire on major domestic and geopolitical issues was nowhere in sight.

Inventing their own reality, Washington Post editors turned truth on its head, falsely claiming that “Biden showed his passion for democracy (sic)” in his first presser.

Governance of, by, and for everyone equitably is virtually banned in the US.

So is the rule of law. Elections when held are farcical. 

Power brokers run things. Ordinary Americans have no say over who serves in high office.

Increasingly they have no rights at a time when fundamental freedoms greatly eroded — en route to disappearing altogether. 

The real Joe Biden supported privileged interests exclusively throughout his public life.

He’s always been pro-war, pro-monied interests, anti-public health and welfare.

As selected, not elected, president, his regime is hostile to what just societies hold dear.

If their pro-Biden puff piece, WaPo editors were silent about Thursday’s charade of a presser.

Most other establishment media covered it in similar fashion.

CNN praised the charade. MSNBC claimed “his best answers (were for) questions that weren’t really asked (sic).”

NBC News said Biden was “cautiously newsy (sic), aimed at moderation and more cogent (sic) at the start than the finish.”

With rare exceptions, establishment media ignored the gaffe-filled performance by Biden’s impersonator.

Quoting him saying “help is on the way,” ignored his regime’s deplorable domestic and geopolitical agenda.

Saying he intends to run for reelection in 2024 ignored the real Biden’s deteriorated state — perhaps leaving him unable to complete a full year in office before passing the baton to Harris that was likely planned all along.

While similar to other establishment media coverage of Thursday’s charade, the New Yorker went against the grain as follows, saying:

The presser explained “nothing about Joe Biden, his presidency, or his priorities.” 

“The problem was not that it was boring. It was that it was bad.”

Worse than bad, it was a charade by a Biden impersonator as out-of-touch with reality as the real thing.

He was able to do little more than deliver pre-scripted lines — even then, fumbling them time and again.

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