Iran Seeks Longterm Agreement with Russia

Iran Seeks Longterm Agreement with Russia

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Last summer, Iranian diplomat Abbas Mousavi said the following:

“Iran has a longstanding policy of maintaining balanced, friendly relations with all Eurasian and (East/South) Asian powers.” 

“Our potential longterm cooperation agreements with China and Russia, and our continued joint work with India in Chabahar prove this.”

“We are determined to uphold this policy.”

At the same time, Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said he and Russia’s Sergey Lavrov agreed to update the 2001 Treaty on the Basic Principles of Cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

On Monday, Iranian parliamentarian, chairman of its National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, Mojtaba Zonnour said the following:

“One of the most important ways to neutralize US sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran is for us to have long-term relations with major powers and countries, as well as with neighboring countries in addition to countries in the region on a large scale,” adding:

“The strategic document that was prepared and signed between Iran and China is in fact a longterm roadmap” for economic and strategic cooperation. 

Iran seeks with Russia an agreement similar to what was negotiated with China, Zonnour saying:

“Iran seeks to conclude longterm and strategic documents with Russia that will strengthen bilateral economic interactions and pave the way for joint activities.”

“We are looking for joint cooperation and bilateral interaction with these countries in the field of rail services, roads, refineries, petrochemicals, automobiles, oil, gas, gasoline, environment and knowledge-based companies because this can play a very effective role in neutralizing foreign sanctions.”

“What is important is that…signing longterm strategic documents is quite positive, and naturally the necessary measures should be taken to strengthen this cooperation.”

Iran’s 25-year strategic/economic partnership with China greatly helps Tehran circumvent US sanctions.

A similar deal with Russia and perhaps other countries may  neutralize them altogether.

As long as these countries are free from US control, both right wings of its war party will wage war on them by other means — notably by imposing illegal sanctions and using other dirty tricks.

Allying with each other strategically, economically, and perhaps militarily mutually benefits them by weakening hostile US policies, perhaps neutralizing them altogether.

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