Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

Humanitarian Crisis in Syria

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Over a decade of US-led aggression on Syria and its people caused humanitarian and socioeconomic crisis conditions for most of its 17 million people.

On Monday at the Security Council, Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin discussed what he called “alarming estimates of the humanitarian and socioeconomic situation in Syria as expressed by representatives of the UN and other international organizations.”

Over 90% of its people are impoverished because of endless war that caused mass destruction and displacement of millions of Syrian civilians.

Around 60% of Syrians lack adequate food.

Millions are unsure where their next meal is coming from or what’s available to be eaten.

Millions of Syrian children have no access to education because of endless war.

Most Syrian children born around a decade ago have never experienced a day of peace in their lives.

While violence is less than during the past year or two, living standards “substantially deteriorated” for most Syrians, Vershinin explained.

Conditions are worst in the country’s “northwest, north and northeast” because of illegal US and Turkish control of this territory — including by jihadists they support.

Vershinin explained that US-supported “ISIS and Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) terrorists control (most of) Idlib and have increased their activities in the Trans-Euphrates region.”

Heavily armed with US/Western and Israeli weapons, they 

remain a serious challenge for Syria.”

“(A)ctions by Syrian government forces, with support from the Russian military, are well balanced, and they consider the need to ensure the safety of local civilians.” 

US/UK-supported White Helmets operate in cahoots with jihadists who wage war on Syrian civilians and its freedom-fighting armed forces.

Despite humanitarian and socioeconomic crisis conditions they and jihadists they support created, the US, UK and EU continue going all-out to block humanitarian aid from reaching long-suffering Syrians in need.

In June 2020, US Orwellian-named Caesar Syria Civilian Protection legislation (Caesar Act) was enacted to starve and otherwise immiserate Syrians into submission to Washington’s imperial boot.

Nations, entities and individuals that maintain legitimate economic, financial, military, and intelligence relations with Damascus — their legal right under international law — face unlawful US sanctions and other diabolical harshness at its discretion.

The Biden/Harris regime supports the suffocation of millions of Syrians, continuing endless war in the country with no intention of ending it.

Vershinin explained that Syria lacks virtually everything essential to sustain life, health and well-being.

At the same time, the US and Turkey are stealing Syrian oil, smuggling it cross-border, along with stolen Syrian wheat, for resale.

Because the US and its imperial partners obstruct deliveries of humanitarian aid to nations they smashed, millions perished post-9/11, millions more suffer greatly from displacement, deprivation, untreated diseases, and overall devastation from wars without end.

Most aid entering Syria is diverted for use by US supported jihadists.

Vershinin cited a recent example, saying:

“(O)n March 11, when humanitarian aid was sent to the village of Rami, (US supported jihadists0 deprived civilians of food products, which led to an armed clash with about 10,000 victims.” 

“This is further evidence that this aid is not reaching its intended recipients but rather is taken by the terrorists who demand payment for humanitarian deliveries and who cruelly harass civilians.”

These elements “are using Syrian civilians as hostages to get humanitarian aid through a non-transparent mechanism.” 

“The UN is unable to establish proper control over this for lack of access to northwest of Syria.”

Much the same goes on in Syria’s south. Territory illegally occupied by US forces is used to train and arm ISIS and other jihadists to terrorize ordinary civilians, along with depriving them of essentials to life.

Endless horrors committed by the US, its imperial partners, and jihadist foot soldiers “undermine the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Syria for political reasons,” Vershinin stressed.

Separately, a late February UN report explained humanitarian crisis conditions in Syria as follows:

After a decade of war, “humanitarian needs are deepening.” 

“(I)nsecurity (is) compounded (by) displacement, combined with worsening socio-economic conditions.” 

Around 20% more Syrians are in need compared to a year ago — women and children “disproportionate impact(ed).” 

“As of January 2021, around 13.4 million (Syrians, nearly 80% of the population) require some form of humanitarian and protection assistance, including 6 million in acute need. 

Access to food, shelter and medical care are needed most of all.

Along with deaths and injuries from endless war, deprivation is taking the lives of unknown numbers of civilians in harm’s way.

US imperial viciousness bears full responsibility for what’s going on.

Its UK, French, German, Israeli and other imperial partners share blame for over a decade of endless war with no near-term prospect for resolution — because US regimes rule it out.

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