Inventing a Nonexistent Russian Threat to Ukraine

Inventing a Nonexistent Russian Threat to Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

On April 1, the Biden regime’s war department said the following:

War secretary Lloyd Austin spoke to his Kiev counterpart Andrey Taran.

Despite no Russian threat to its security, “Austin reaffirmed unwavering support for (US colonized and controlled) Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.”

He falsely accused Moscow of “aggressive and provocative actions in eastern Ukraine (sic)” — how belligerent USA, NATO, and colonized Ukraine operate, clearly not Moscow.

The Biden regime is providing Kiev with millions of dollars worth of heavy weapons and equipment — for warmaking, not defense.

Along with training and directing Ukraine’s conscript forces, the US is pushing for escalated conflict against breakaway Donbass in the country’s southeast bordering Russia.

There’s nothing defensive about diabolical US intentions to escalate hostilities near Russia’s borders.

Ukraine is a US controlled fascist police state. 

On Tuesday, its military commander Ruslan Khomchack falsely accused Moscow of preparing for war against his country.

“The Russian Federation continues its aggressive policy towards Ukraine (sic),” he roared.

Reality is the other way around. Ukrainian forces escalated hostilities against Donbass, perhaps intending resumption of full-scale war.

Biden regime hardliners are orchestrating what’s going on along the contact line between Ukraine and Donbass.

On Tuesday, Kremlin spokesman 

Dmitry Peskov “express(ed) concern over the growing tension and that one way or another the Ukrainian side could take provocative actions that could lead to (full-scale) war.” 

“We really don’t want to see that,” he stressed, adding:

“The Russian side expressed serious concern over the escalation of armed confrontation that is being provoked by Ukraine along the line of contact and its effective refusal to implement the agreements of July 2020…to strengthen the ceasefire regime” it repeatedly breaches.

A statement by US-dominated NATO’s killing machine falsely accused Russia of “large scale military activities in and around Ukraine (sic).”

Because of escalated Kiev aggression against Donbass — orchestrated by the Biden regime — Russian forces mobilized along its border with Ukraine and to protect Crimea from possible hostile actions by Kiev, its UN Charter right of self-defense.

On April 1, Peskov said Moscow is taking “necessary measures to ensure security of its frontiers,” adding:

“The Russian Federation transfers (its) armed forces on its soil as it wants to.” 

“This should not concern anyone, and this is not posing any threat to anyone.”

“Russian Russian troops have never taken part and are not participating in armed conflicts on Ukraine’s soil.”

Russia, “European countries and all world states would not like (conflict) in Ukraine as a result of provocations and provocative steps by Ukraine’s military to flare up again.”

Last month, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova “warn(ed) the Kiev regime and hotheads that are serving it or manipulating it (meaning the US and NATO) against further attempts to implement a forceful scenario in Donbass.”

She also slammed Kiev for falsely blaming Moscow and Donbass freedom fighters for escalating conflict it’s responsible for as urged and directed by US dark forces.

On Thursday, Sergey Lavrov said attempts by Kiev to further escalate conflict against Donbass along Russia’s border could destroy Ukraine, adding:

“I very much hope that (Ukraine’s military) will not be ‘incited’ by politicians, who in turn (are) ‘incited’ by the (US-dominated) West.

Clearly there’s no threat of Russia invading Ukrainian territory.

Claims otherwise by the US, its imperial partners and Kiev are fabricated.

US controlled Ukrainian forces are responsible for escalating conflict in the country’s southeast that could lead to resumption of all-out war.

Separately, the Russophobic Washington Post quoted a Biden regime statement that falsely accused Moscow of “escalat(ing)” conflict along the border with Ukraine.

US controlled Ukrainian conscript proxies bear full responsibility for escalated conflict along the contact line with Donbass.

Biden regime officials and their NATO counterparts are discussing their next moves.

They likely involve pushing the envelope for possible full-scale war between Kiev and Donbass along Russia’s border instead of stepping back from the brink in pursuit of peace and stability in Ukraine’s southeast.

According to an unnamed Biden regime official, “(w)e are not looking to reset our relations with Russia.”

“Our goal is to impose costs for actions we consider unacceptable (sic).”

The US, WaPo, and other press agent media falsely accused Russia of “aggression” in Ukraine earlier —the Big Lie surfacing again now.

Aggression is what the US, NATO, and proxies like Ukrainian forces are responsible for — not nonbelligerent Russia or Donbass.

Biden regime hardliners appear to be pushing the envelope dangerously near Russia’s borders.

Moscow understands the threat, why it mobilized forces to defend against possible cross-border aggression by US trained and directed Ukrainian conscript proxies. 

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