Iran Bashing Rears its Ugly Head – Ahead

Iran Bashing Rears its Ugly Head — Again

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Iran is a key target of US/Israeli cyberattack attempts.

According to its Civil Defense Organization director General Gholam Reza Jalali, Iran developed significant capabilities to thwart these attempts against sensitive sites and infrastructure.

Iranian Minister of Communication and Information Technology Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi said the nation is constantly threatened by cyberattacks — yet manages to thwart them successfully.

No evidence suggests that Iran preemptively cyberattacks other nations the way the US, West and Israel operate.

Yet time and again, fake news reports surface with claims otherwise, part of US-led war on Iran by other means.

Establishment media feature them — based on talking points supplied by US dark forces and firms connected to them.

A fake news NYT report claimed US Cyber Command foiled Russian and Iranian attempts to cyberattack last November’s US elections — no evidence cited because none exists.

Last month, a fake news WaPo report claimed that Iranian hackers targeted high-profile figures in the US and Europe, adding:

“(T)he Iranian government’s use of myriad hacking groups…conduct(s) extensive espionage against dissidents and other perceived threats (sic).”

What WaPo called “Iran’s cyber playbook” is defensive against constant US, Western, Israeli attempts to cyberattack the country.

On Tuesday, The Hill published its own anti-Iran rubbish, claiming that Iranian government hackers targeted “senior medical researchers in the US and Israel (sic),” adding:

“Iranian hackers went after their targets in an effort to obtain personal account credentials, using malicious phishing emails to lure the targets to a page masquerading as a Microsoft login page (sic).”

“(T)he effort was likely part of an intelligence gathering operation as well as the result of ongoing tensions between Iran and Israel (sic).”

The above is how the US and Israel operate against Iran and other countries.

Claims of Iranian, Russian, and Chinese cyberattacks on hospitals, other sites, entities, and individuals are never accompanied by credible evidence because there is none.

An earlier Reuters report claim about a foreign cyberattack on Trump’s reelection campaign was refuted, a statement saying:

“(T)here was “no indication” that any campaign infrastructure was targeted.”

The militant United Against Nuclear Iran hate-mongering group promotes war on the country for regime change — on the phony pretext of an Iranian nuclear threat that doesn’t exist. 

Former neocon Senator Joe Lieberman once headed the extremist group.

Inventing its own perverted reality, its website falsely claims that Iran conducts “the most sophisticated and costly cyber attacks in the history of the internet age (sic),” adding:

“Iran has kept up a steady drumbeat of lower-level attacks against the US, its allies, and regime opponents at home and abroad, some successful and others thwarted (sic).”

For years, Iran was a victim of US/Israeli cyberattacks. 

Its sophisticated cyber-defense now thwarts them.

Claims of Iranian cyberattacks on the US, West and Israel are part of propaganda war on the country.

Russia and China face similar phony accusations at a time when the US, NATO, and Israel wage forever cyber-and-hot wars on humanity.

It’s in stark contrast to efforts by Beijing, Moscow and Tehran to fosters peace, stability and cooperative relations with other countries, confrontation with none.

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