Biden Regime Not Serious About Returning to JCPOA Compliance

Biden Regime Not Serious About Returning to JCPOA Compliance

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Following Tuesday talks in Vienna on attempts by Iran, Russia and China to reverse US/E 3 noncompliance with their JCPOA obligations, senior EU diplomat Enrique Mora called the session “constructive” — code language for no breakthroughs.

Mora added that as coordinator of talks, he’ll “intensify separate contacts here in Vienna with all relevant parties, including the US.”

Iranian government spokesman Ali Rabiee ruled out talks with Biden regime officials, saying:

“Considering the multiple breaches of commitment (by the US), what we have definitely planned today is that Iran and the US will not have any negotiations before the return of the US to the JCPOA” — along with lifting of all illegally imposed sanctions as a first step.

“The implementation of the JCPOA is as easy as its violation by the US,” he added.

Deputy Iranian Foreign Minister/chief negotiator in Vienna Abbas Araqchi said he and his team are only negotiating with P4+1 countries.

No talks with Biden regime representatives will be held in Vienna or elsewhere.

Araqchi slammed “a lack of seriousness” by the Biden regime to lift sanctions and return to JCPOA compliance — stressing once again what needs no elaboration:

The US “left the JCPOA and imposed sanctions.” 

“So obviously if (Biden’s geopolitical team) want(s) to come back, they will have to lift all those sanctions, all together, in one step” — what the US refuses to do.

Remarks by interventionist Blinken’s spokesman Price on Tuesday once again showed the futility of dealing with the US.

It’s implacably hostile toward all nations free from US control.

Ignoring Washington’s breach of its JCPOA obligations and illegally imposed sanctions, Price called for Iran to return to “full compliance” — where it’s been since the landmark agreement was affirmed in January 2016.

Whenever Iran is discussed at his press briefings, he raises the nonissue of its nuclear threat that doesn’t exist, on Tuesday adding:

“Various public assessments have put Iran’s breakout time (to developing a bomb) in the single digits (sic).”

The Biden regime “call(s) for a longer and stronger deal,” and more.

He falsely accused Iran of “malign activity in the region (sic).” 

“That includes its support for terrorism (sic).” 

“It includes its ballistic missile programs (sic).” 

“It includes the activities of its proxies (sic).”

Araqchi is right. The above reinventions of reality — based on a foundation of bald-faced Big Lies and mass deception — show the Biden regime isn’t serious about lifting sanctions, rejoining the JCPOA, and stepping back from the brink of possible confrontation with Iran.

If its hostility toward Iran continues unchanged — what’s highly likely — talks in Vienna will achieve nothing constructive.

Following Tuesday’s session, P4+1 countries and Iran agreed to continue expert-level talks on technical issues, lifting sanctions, and efforts for returning the US and E 3 to JCPOA compliance.

Araqchi stressed that “lifting US sanctions is the first and most essential move to revive the JCPOA.”

Separately, Biden regime envoy for regime change in Iran Robert Malley falsely accused Iran of being in noncompliance with its JCPOA obligations.

Saying further discussions must identify steps both sides must take ignored flagrant US/E 3 non-compliance.

Nothing positive can be achieved ahead unless they reverse their breach of Security Council Res. 2231 — what they’ve shown no intension of doing.

While participating nations agreed to continue talks, they’ll achieve nothing as long as Biden regime hardliners make unacceptable demands — offering nothing in return but hollow promises to be broken.

That’s where things now stand, no breakthroughs in Vienna achieved so far, no signs of positive change by the US side.

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