Israeli Supreme Court Petitioned to Halt Green Passports

Israeli Supreme Court Petitioned to Halt Green Passports

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Diabolical vaccine passports in Israel are coming to the US and other Western states.

Denmark already rolled out a so-called NemID digital ID system and coronapas.

Estonia reportedly will issue digital certificates by late April to show proof of being jabbed for covid.

Britain’s Boris Johnson regime intends testing vaccine passports for unrestricted access to public places and travel.

There’s considerable internal opposition against the draconian scheme.

Tory MP Graham Brad called vaccine passports “intrusive, costly and unnecessary.”

Labor Party leader Keir Starmer called the idea “un-British.”

Johnson regime loyalists falsely said they’re unavoidable (sic).

They’re likely coming in the UK, other European countries and the US, perhaps later this year.

Rolling them out will create two-tiered societies, refusniks considered untouchables to be denied unobstructed access to public places.

The Netanyahu regime established covid jabbing apartheid in Israel.

Israelis have a choice. Get jabbed for covid or be left behind.

Refusniks may be denied access to workplaces, schools, air travel, retail shops and other public places.

Guidelines suggest they’ll be punished on the phony pretext of protecting public health — falsely claiming unjabbed Israelis jeopardize it. 

According to the diabolical Israeli plan, individuals jabbed twice for covid with hazardous toxins will be issued a certificate — valid one week after a second dose for six months.

A green passport will be given to Israelis jabbed twice and anyone who was ill from flu — now called covid — who recovered.

A certificate is proof of having received two jabs so are exempt from isolation.

A green passport permits unimpeded free movement in public.

Israel’s health minister Yuri Edelstein falsely called getting jabbed “a moral duty (sic),” adding:

“Whoever does not get (jabbed) will be left behind.”

Israel appears furthest along among world community nations in establishing covid jabbing apartheid.

Vaccine passports are part of a diabolical scheme for maximum mass-jabbing with toxins that demand rejection, not acceptance.

Looking ahead, they’ll likely be required in the West for air travel, other public transportation, employment, admittance to classrooms, as well as perhaps for restaurant dining, in-store shopping, attending sporting events, and other social interactions.

Will daily lives and routines no longer be possible without proof of covid immunity — not gotten from hazardous jabs?

Will normal, unrestricted life be ruled out for refuseniks?

Will free and open societies in the West, Israel, and elsewhere no longer exist for unjabbed individuals?

On April 4, a petition was filed in Israel’s Supreme Court to halt the Netanyahu regime’s Green Passport medical apartheid system.

It claims that the so-called “Coronavirus Act does not allow the government to set restrictions based on acceptance or non-acceptance of a” covid jab. 

“The Green Passport Regulations do not meet the objectives set out in the Coronavirus Act.” 

“In absence of any real justification for administering Green Passport regulations, there is concern that their execution involved foreign considerations related to the agreement with Pfizer.” 

“This is especially true when there are defects in the approval of the use of the vaccine in Israel, which are accompanied by clear deceptions on the part of the Health Ministry.”

The Netanyahu regime “violates the fundamental rights of state citizens, using undemocratic and illegal means.”

“The Green Passport regulations severely, disproportionately, and unnecessarily infringe on a long list of human rights, including the right to privacy, equality, autonomy over the body, freedom of movement, freedom of occupation, and more.”

“The Green Passport regulations create a regime of discrimination, segregation, and harassment between citizens based on their health status and try to force them, in violation of the law, to receive medical treatment.”

“In a situation where most of the at-risk population is vaccinated, there is no real need for Green Passport regulations.” 

“The (unjabbed) population does not pose a real danger to the vaccinated population, certainly compared to other winter diseases.”

Petitioners include professors of medicine, along with microbiologists, immunologists, and epidemiologists — experts in their fields.

Lawyers representing petitioners said the following:

“Of all the restrictions imposed since the corona crisis started, the most damaging is the green pass.” 

“It is not clear why the Ministry of Health is not satisfied with administering (jabs) to those at high risk — especially considering the fact that (experimental covid drugs were) developed very quickly and approved for exceptional use.”

“The plan of mandating (jabs) with the Green Pass harms the principle of informed consent and the human rights that are promised in Israel’s basic laws.” 

The diabolical Green Pass program is the “unfathomable pinnacle of a longterm experiment being carried out on Israel’s citizens since” seasonal flu was renamed covid.

Israeli Supreme Court justices most often support draconian policies of ruling Israeli regimes, notably on issues related to harming Palestinian rights.

If they go against the grain by ruling against Israeli Green Passport apartheid, perhaps it’ll help future Western lawsuits against vaccine passports when rolled out in the US, Europe and Canada.

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