Sergey Lavrov on Disturbing East/West Relations

Sergey Lavrov on Disturbing East/West Relations

by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman)

Although US confrontation “hit bottom” — short of East/West war — said Lavrov, he hopes that “adults” in the US and West will act rationally to deescalate tensions.

C’mon Sergey. You know better than that. 

You follow US-dominated Western extremists closely, have dealt with them face-to-face, and have access to intelligence that shows their unbending malign intentions.

As long as Russia and other independent nations are free from US control, its dominant hardliners will continue waging war by hot and/or other means to transform them — including Russia — into pro-Western vassal states.

There’s no chance whatever that the US will soften its approach.

Its ruling class is too hard-wired for unchallenged global dominance by whatever it’ll take to achieve its aims — positive change off the table in my lifetime and yours.

Good Judgment isn’t a US-dominated Western attribute. 

Nor is pursuing peace over endless wars, cooperative relations with other nations over seeking to dominate them, or diplomacy as it should be practiced.

You know all of the above and much more but stopped short of explaining it.

Ah, you admitted that Trump favored improved relations with Russia, “but was not allowed to” go this way. 

Indeed not, but I believe Trump had ulterior motives unrelated to affairs of state.

He’s a businessman eager for money-making opportunities in Russia.

Even though he’s pursuing other interests, his son runs the family business so seeking new clients and other ways to generate revenue and profits is very much on his mind.

And he likely retains a major financial interest in the Trump Corporation so very much wants it to operate successfully.

China and Russia are the only nations standing in the way of Washington’s aim for unchallenged global dominance — especially united.

Deployment of US forces and heavy weapons worldwide is mainly with Beijing and Moscow in mind.

While US war against them is unthinkable, it’s being waged by other means and could turn hot one day by accident or design.

The threat of thermonuclear-powered nations with long-range delivery systems able to hit targets anywhere worldwide with pinpoint accuracy is the ultimate doomsday scenario if the US goes this way ahead.

In response to unacceptably hostile remarks by Biden about Putin, Russia’s envoy to Washington Anatoly Antonov remains in Moscow for consultations.

He’s been there for the past two weeks.

According to Tass on March 31, he’s “not expected to return to Washington soon.”

Why hasn’t he been recalled longterm and his US counterpart in Moscow expelled over Biden calling Putin a killer and saying Russia will pay a price for interfering in US elections (sic).

Dominant hardliners and at least most others know that the above accusations are bald-faced Big Lies.

They reflect unbending US hostility toward Russia for its freedom from US control and dominant super-weapons that exceed the best in the West.

Militant US hostility toward Russia exceeds the worst of poor relations during Cold War years.

Then, officials of both countries were civil toward each other.

No longer. As China, Russia, and other nations rise in prominence the word stage at the expense a declining US, hostile rhetoric and actions by its hardliners increase.

If US statements and actions toward Russia are hostile, its ruling authorities “can hardly have a serious conversation with them,” said Lavrov, adding:

“(C)urrent developments range from an exercise in absurdity to a dangerous play with matches.”

The risk of US hardliners pushing things too far is ominously real.

Playing with matches is all they know, peaceful coexistence with the world community of nations ruled out.

Throughout its history from inception, the US waged forever wars at home and abroad with short-lived moments of peace.

A virtual war of words by US officials today is “unprecedented,” said Lavrov.

Things they’re saying show “absolute ignorance of the history of the creation of the UN and many other events.”

While a few serious politicians may remain in the US, they’re powerless and way outnumbered by militant extremists.

While China and Russia cooperate with each other and other nations, the US is hellbent for dominating them — by brute force if other tactics fail.

The West is comprised of fantasy democracies, the real thing virtually banned in the US, UK, EU and Canada.

They deceptively proclaim themselves champions of democratic principles — while in reality wanting them eliminated whenever and wherever they emerge.

Russia’s eagerness to engage in good faith with Western countries is rebuffed — why it’s a waste of time to continue seeking what’s not reciprocated.

US hardliners prioritize adversarial relations with Russia and other sovereign independent countries.

Whatever the US pursues on the world stage, Western vassal states go the same way — even when harming their own interests.

It’s a self-defeating strategy that could turn out very badly if dominant militants in Washington seek to achieve their diabolical aims belligerently against China, Russia, and/or Iran.

The risk of going this way is ominously high.

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