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Mandating Draconian Kill Shots for NYC Workers

Mandating Draconian Kill Shots for NYC Workers by Stephen Lendman As in Chicago, other US cities and states, along with many private businesses, the NYC de Blasio regime announced mandated flu/covid kill shots for city workers across the board. Where this mandate was imposed at the federal, state and local levels, workers affected must choose… Continue Reading →

Israel Planning Preemptive War on Iran?

Apartheid Israel wages forever war on its Arab citizens, Occupied Palestinians and nonthreatening nations by hot and/or other means. It’s operated this way since creating an illegitimate state on historic Palestinian land. The only threats its ruling regimes face are invented, not real. Claims otherwise are fabricated to justify its aggressive agenda, its flagrant breaches… Continue Reading →

Treating and Curing Flu/Covid Safely and Effectively – Jab-Free

Epidemiologist Harvey Risch MD is on the right side of medicine as it should be practiced — noably on all things flu/covid. His website explains what US/Western dark forces, their hugely corrupted anti-public health handmaidens like fraudster Fauci, Pharma and MSM co-conspirators go all-out to suppress. Seasonal flu-renamed covid is safely and effectively treated… Continue Reading →

Surging Flu/Covid Outbreaks in Britain

According to the state-owned and controlled BBC, about 86% of Brits over age-12 were jabbed for flu/covid, 79% double-jabbed. While the above numbers are likely inflated, Britain is one of the world’s most heavily jabbed and rejabbed countries. Weeks earlier, the Boris Johnson regime reported that flu/covid outbreaks among jabbed Brits rose 40% in one… Continue Reading →

The Myth of Peaceful, Multi-Ethnic, Democratic Kosovo

From March 1991 through mid-June 1999, Balkan wars raged — instigated by GHW Bush and the Clinton crime family.  A near-decade of made-in-the-USA war balkanized Yugoslavia into seven countries.  Planned all along by US dark forces, they include Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia. The so-called February 1999 Interim Agreement for Peace and… Continue Reading →

Cops Dying from Toxic Jabs, Not Flu/Covid

Large-scale reports of flu/covid deaths by the Pharma-controlled CDC are fake news. Official numbers are artificially created to maintain a state of mass-hysteria. What’s been going on since last year is all about pushing maximum numbers of people to unwittingly self-inflict harm from jabs designed for this purpose. As of October 13, CDC fake news… Continue Reading →

Chicago Mayor’s War on Public Health

Chicago where I’ve lived since the late 1960s is no longer what Frank Sinatra once called “my kind of town.” It’s no longer home sweet home. Far from it! Life in the city is increasingly hazardous to health — at a time when US federal, most state and local authorities are going all-out to destroy… Continue Reading →

Accountability for Crimes Against Humanity Demanded

On September 29, sworn affidavits of Drs/PhDs Richard M. Fleming, Luc Montagnier, and Kevin McCairn — presented by their attorneys — called on the International Criminal Court to investigate and prosecute crimes against humanity by officials and others involved in all things flu/covid. They include breaches of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, the 1964 Declaration of… Continue Reading →

FDA OK’s Mixing and Matching of Toxic Jabs to Make Them More Lethal

Toxic flu/covid jabs irreversibly harm health. Double-and-booster jabbing more greatly destroys what’s too precious to lose near-or-longer-term. Combining toxins of one drug with one or more others risks much greater harm than from brand A alone. Even police state Australia agreed, a public health statement, saying: “Mixing any combination of prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, illicit… Continue Reading →

Pfizer Whistleblower on its Toxic Flu/Covid Drug

Interviewed in early October by Project Veritas, Pfizer whistleblower Melissa Strickler accused the company of using aborted fetal cell tissue in its toxic/experimental RNA jabs — an issue management suppressed. Pfizer senior director of worldwide research Vanessa Gelman said the following: “From the prospective of corporate affairs, we want to avoid having the information on… Continue Reading →


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