Study Shows No Protection from Toxic Flu/Covid Jabs

According to a study published by European Journal of Epidemiology discussed earlier, data from 68 countries and nearly all US counties found no relation between jabs and reduced flu/covid outbreaks. Nations and parts of the US most heavily jabbed have the highest percent of outbreaks. Areas with low inoculation rates have proportionally lower rates. Study... Continue Reading →

Free at Last from Unjust Political Imprisonment

The US maintains a global network of torture prisons for individuals illegally held for political reasons. Straightaway in office nearly 13 years ago, Obama promised closure of Guantanamo.  An Executive Order authorized it.  Along with countless numbers of global black sites, the torture prison remains open – a collective blight on the national conscience.  The... Continue Reading →

Condemnation of Israeli State-Terrorism

Historic Palestine’s UN envoy Riyad Mansour urged Security Council member states to condemn Israel’s unlawfully fabricated designation of six Palestinian human rights groups as terrorist organizations. There’s virtually no chance of this happening because of US support for Jewish state crimes of war, against humanity and other atrocities committed by its ruling regimes. The unacceptable... Continue Reading →

Pfizer’s Contractual Extortion

Like countless other US/Western corporate predators, Pfizer is criminal in its operations by peddling harmful to health products. Anything goes for maximum profits, including mass-jabbing of toxic flu/covid DNA-altering mRNA drugs to its extortionist contractual demands on governments. In February, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) accused Pfizer of bullying Latin American governments in negotiations... Continue Reading →

US-Dominated NATO’s Master Plan for Nuking Russia

Hegemon USA has been addicted to warmaking from inception. It’s blood-drenched history reflects its rage for waging it against invented enemies. In 1982, founder of America’s nuclear navy Admiral Hyman Rickover said the following during congressional testimony: “The lesson of history is when a war starts every nation will ultimately use whatever weapons it has... Continue Reading →

Israeli Regime Falsely Calls Palestinian Human Rights Groups Terrorist Organizations

Like US-dominated NATO, apartheid Israeli falsely accuses others for its own high crimes. State terrorism, aggression, occupation, and contempt for the rule of law define its hostile agenda. On Friday, Bennett regime war minister Gantz falsely designed six Palestinian human rights organizations as “terrorist institutions” — what applies to the Jewish state, not them. Ones... Continue Reading →

Straight Talk by Vladimir Putin and Russia’s Foreign Ministry

Addressing the 18th annual Valdai International Discussion Club last week, Putin commented on dismal socioeconomic problems facing most people. “Everywhere, even in the richest countries and regions, the uneven distribution of material wealth has exacerbated inequality, primarily, inequality of opportunities both within individual societies and at the international level,” he explained. US-dominated Western countries sank... Continue Reading →

Heading for Forever-Jabbing

Pharma-linked, angel of death CDC director Walensky wants mass-poisoning by toxic flu/covid jabs accelerated. What’s crucial to shun with protecting and preserving health in mind she wants increased beyond jabbing, double-jabbing and booster-jabbing to forever-jabbing — to hasten the demise of individuals following her health-destroying advice. On Friday, she called for updating the definition of... Continue Reading →

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